Friday, 30 January 2015

Long Long Long Fashion Wishlist


milk bag: skinnydip // trainers: nike air max thea // platforms: buffalo (sale!) 
 watch: olivia burton // choker: regal rose // lipstick: lime crime // pink bag: moschino 
 glitter phone case: skinnydip // sunglasses: quay // matching top and skirt: both ichiban // grey t-shirt: ichiban

Gold Accents

Gold Accents
white dresspink shoesmint shoesdenim jacketgold sandals and pink dress: all topshop // hat: river island
 watch: olivia burton // lip gloss: charlotte tilbury // phone case and clutch bag: both skinnydip

Day to Night

Day to Night
jeans and white skirt: both topshop // jumper (sale!) skirt (sale!) and top (sale!): all mango 
 lips clutch: lulu guiness // eyeshadow pencil and lipstick: both charlotte tilbury 
 white trainers: nike air max thea // black trainers: nike air max 90 // fringed bag: karen millen


clutch: karen millen // cape: river island // jeansleather jacket and dress: all topshop // sunglasses: mango (sale!) // trainers: nike air force 1 // kiss and blush stain: ysl // watch: olivia burton // phone case: skinnydip

Dayyym, I'm coveting so much at the moment :/ it's not healthy! There's so many trends that I love right now, particularly the sporty look which I never thought I'd say . . . actually, not even sporty, but trainers! I know they've been having a thing for months but I didn't really 'get it' until now, you know when you skip a trend thinking it's one of those one's that will pass pretty quickly? Yep well how wrong was I with trainers?! They still seem to be everywhere and I've finally fallen for it. I especially love how people are wearing them with really dressy looks yet it just seems to work. Although if I remember rightly Lily Allen cottoned onto it yonks ago . . .

It's weird, at the moment part of me wants to go back to basics wearing head to toe monochrome, plain tees, flats, leather jacket - Alexa Chung off duty styleee (I've even dug out my 2 pairs of ripped skinny jeans which I haven't worn in years) but another part of me wants go crazy spice girl unicorn girl with cute prints, Barbie pink and kitsch accessories! Some great brands I've come across which I love for this kind of 90's nostalgia are ichiban which is currently being stocked on ASOS (helloooo love hearts and care bear prints!) and skinnydip, a one-stop shop for quirky accessories :D
Other fashiony pieces that are catching my eye at the moment are capes and Olivia Burton watches!

I hope you like the looks I've created here :) I wanted to put together an outfit you could wear for the day and an outfit you could wear for the night for each look whether that be changing from jeans to a dress or simply adding a bright lippy and switching up the accessories. Also, I wanted to show a few of the different ways I would wear trainers for both day and night!

Which is your favourite look?
What trends and brands are you currently loving?
What are your favourite bits from my wishlist?


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Job And New Blog Design

Yeah so I'm a month late on the whole Happy New Year thing but anyhow, Happy New Year :)
Unfortunately I haven't been able to blog for a while and I'm only just getting chance to catch up on reading blogs and watching my fave youtubers after a very hectic end to last year!

About 6 months ago I found out that I had been successful for a job position I'd applied for as cabin crew which was so exciting, however my life has completely changed so I haven't had any time to dedicate to AZTEC DOLL for the past couple of months :( but I'm dying to start taking outfit photos again soon and I got so many beauty products for Christmas that I can't wait to show off on here, hehe!

I started my cabin crew training in November last year and had to live in London for a couple of months, in a hotel of all places! Now having started the actual job (my first flight was New Years Eve!) I will be moving down South for good in March as I'm finding it difficult commuting to Heathrow from where I live at the moment in Lancashire.

After flying for only a month I've been lucky enough to have visited some amazing places such as LA, Cape Town and Tokyo - pics above ^ ^  I've actually been abroad more times this month than in my whole life previously which I think is kinda weird . . . I'd only been on a plane twice before this so it's good to finally have the opportunity to travel.

2014 was definitely my year and I ticked off a lot of boxes . . . 
* got a dream job
* married a dream man, my Zakarie James <3
* got to go to my ultimate long time dream destination New York on my honeymoon
* got my dream car . . . a fiat 500, genuinely wouldn't swap it for any other car, it's a cute white bubble :D
* went to watch the tennis at Wimbledon which I've wanted to do since I was little
* and made the decision to move away from the North . . . and away from my comfort zone :/ scary!

To see more you can follow me on twitter @_AZTEC_DOLL or instagram @_AZTEC_DOLL

Anyway, I'm hoping in 2015 without any last minute wedding planning or any big career moves I will be able to fit in a lot more BLOGGING!
As a bit of a motivator and something I have been considering for a very long time I recently updated my blog design :) Pipdig seemed a popular choice amongst bloggers and after seeing they do premade templates on their website at a reasonable price I decided to go with them. I am so glad I went ahead and got in touch as I am so much happier with how my blog looks now :D It was so speedy too - I placed my order at about 4am and when I woke up (at about lunchtime, oopsy!) it had been installed and my brand spanking new blog was good to go!
What do you think of the new look?

**Also I finally got round to writing my 'about me' section if ya wanna check it out HERE**

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