Friday, 2 May 2014

Topshop Gingham Dress

dress: topshop (red one available)
top (worn underneath): miss selfridge
hat: urban outfitters (bought in NY)
watch: toywatch
locket: present

This is my ultimate 'go to' outfit at the moment, I've been living in it recently and I'm planning on wearing it out in Manchester tomorrow night too! (minus the hat)
I've already mentioned my new found love for these cami style dresses and I fell for this beautiful gingham one as soon as I saw it on the Topshop site. I't so lightweight and comfy and one of the few dresses I don't need to wear a belt with to bring me in at the waist. It's available in red/orange too and it was hard deciding between the two but I just thought this would go with more. I do think it's kinda expensive for what it is (it's £65) but you can expect to pay more for anything from the boutique range and it is real silk. 
As for the hat I do feel as if I'm channelling my inner train driver but I just thought what the hell . . . Someone had discarded it at the till at Urban outfitters when I was buying some clothes so I chucked it on for a joke at first but then Zak said it looked really cute so I thought it must be fate!
I completed this look with my fave accessory - my Toywatch (which was a present from Zak for Christmas), some silver jewellery and my reliable (battered) black boots :) 
I just L.O.V.E this outfit so much and can't help but keep wearing it over and over! I just feel like it is very . . . 'me'.

Do you have a favourite outfit at the moment that you think just really sums up your style?



  1. I love how you styled the dress, the top underneath looks great!

  2. such a lovely outfit! xx

  3. Cute look, as always! Loving those boots :)


  4. Oooooh this gingham dress is gorgeous on you! xx

  5. Such a cute, 90's look! I remember wearing dresses like this in the 90's haha. <3

    Tara x

  6. The slip on dress is so adorable and wow the hat is so funky and cool! Where did you find it?

    Much love xxx

  7. love love love this dress too! i know what you mean I sometimes put together an outfit and feel drawn to wear it over an over again! it really suits you cutie! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  8. You look awesome Zandra, that dress is just so pretty x

  9. Love love love this dress
    you look great!

  10. Love the dress, check out my gingham print on my blog :)

    TERRIFACE | UK Fashion Blog


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