Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ways to Wear . . . a Kimono

Untitled #49
Wear With . . . Patterns and Prints
top and skirt: topshop (old)
boots: original moroccan kilim boots from urban outfitters (can buy from bohemia)
rings: dixi
necklace: present

Wear With . . . Denim
playsuit: motel (old)
shoes and socks: topshop (old)

Wear With . . . Black
sunglasses and boots: topshop (similar here)

I bought this little white lies kimono while I was in New York which meant I got it a fair bit cheaper, woohoo! In the UK you can buy it from the direct website little white liesurban outfitters and topshop and I've noticed the price has gone down to a slightly more appealing £110 depending on where you shop :) I absolutely love it and I can see it's going to be my go-to cover up during the Summer nights. I must admit I'm not sure how wearable the hood is - I would probably feel a bit ridiculous walking down the street with the hood up unless I was actually on holiday, ha! But it's a nice touch all the same.

I can't get enough of this brand at the moment, I would love the crochet tunic to match my kimono and the penelope dress is another favourite.

Which is your favourite look? What do you think of little white lies?


Friday, 9 May 2014

It's All White

It's All Whitetop // shorts // shoes // t-shirt // playsuit // scrunchie // socks // dress // backpack // coat

I think a head to toe white outfit looks so cool and crisp in the Summer months. Here are some of my favourite white picks from Topshop :) I think the coat is perfect but would it be hard to style without verging into lab coat territory?!

Which is your favourite item? Will you be embracing wearing white this coming Summer?


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Brand Obsession - Bobbi Brown

Sorry Zak, there's a new love in my life . . . Bobbi Brown. Hehe ;)
I must admit that before my current obsession started I had only ever bought one Bobbi Brown product, their Mineral Makeup (beats bareMinerals hands down in my opinion). However when it came to finding my perfect wedding makeup it was Bobbi that stood out amongst the rest.
It all started when I visited Selfridges in the hope of finding a flawless, medium to full coverage, photograph friendly base for my wedding day. I went armed with a list of foundations I particularly wanted to try . . . Nars Sheer Glow, Laura Mercier Silk Creme and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (basically all the one's that are seriously hyped up from other bloggers!) 

I ended up having a full on make over at about 4 different counters - it's amazing how eager the sales assistants are to do your makeup when you mention you're looking for products for your big day! I hadn't even considered a Bobbi Brown foundation to be honest as I hadn't really heard much about any of them, but I went enquiring about their popular correctors and concealers and ended up getting collared into having my full face done! I'm so glad I did though as the finished result was just what I was after :) Flawless, amazing coverage and glowing, but without looking fake or too made up (obviously I still wanted to look like me when I walked down the aisle!)

As much as I wanted to go mental and buy everything, I had a £100 budget for the day so initially I went for the 3 products which I felt had contributed most in giving me my new wedding worthy complexion - the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in 'porcelain', the Face Touch Up Stick also in 'porcelain' and the Vitamin Enriched Face Base. All these products work perfectly together to give such clear and luminous skin and I just love them all!

However, I couldn't quite create such as flawless a look as the make-up artist did in Selfridges and I convinced myself it was because I wasn't using the right tools, so about a month later I may have bought all the brushes (I definitely did, oopsy!) 
I got the Foundation Brush which I use to apply my base, the Full Coverage Face Brush which is great for buffing in my foundation for a really airbrushed finish (I also use this along with my mineral powder on a day to day basis) and the Concealer Brush which I use primarily for under the eye area and along with my touch up stick for use on the face. I wouldn't say the concealer brush is essential for the application to be honest but I just like to use it as it's more hygienic. I also bought the Bronzer Brush to go with my newly purchased Bronzing Powder (yes I needed that too) although I must mention my Nars Laguna bronzer is still my fave - sorry Bobbi Brown, you can't win 'em all! I got the shade 'golden light' and I just feel it's a tad too dark on me although hopefully it will work when I'm wearing fake tan again during the Summer.

Lastly I purchased the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in the shade 'pale yellow' which is perfect used with the puff it comes with to set my makeup (I like to apply it wherever I've use concealer) for a long lasting finish.

So there we have it . . . I'm a Bobbi Brown convert. Obviously this is just quite a quick summary of everything but I could gush for pages about each of the different products and how wonderful they are :) but I'll save that for another day . . . 

Do you love Bobbi Brown just as much as me?
Which other products do I need to try from the brand?


Friday, 2 May 2014

Topshop Gingham Dress

dress: topshop (red one available)
top (worn underneath): miss selfridge
hat: urban outfitters (bought in NY)
watch: toywatch
locket: present

This is my ultimate 'go to' outfit at the moment, I've been living in it recently and I'm planning on wearing it out in Manchester tomorrow night too! (minus the hat)
I've already mentioned my new found love for these cami style dresses and I fell for this beautiful gingham one as soon as I saw it on the Topshop site. I't so lightweight and comfy and one of the few dresses I don't need to wear a belt with to bring me in at the waist. It's available in red/orange too and it was hard deciding between the two but I just thought this would go with more. I do think it's kinda expensive for what it is (it's £65) but you can expect to pay more for anything from the boutique range and it is real silk. 
As for the hat I do feel as if I'm channelling my inner train driver but I just thought what the hell . . . Someone had discarded it at the till at Urban outfitters when I was buying some clothes so I chucked it on for a joke at first but then Zak said it looked really cute so I thought it must be fate!
I completed this look with my fave accessory - my Toywatch (which was a present from Zak for Christmas), some silver jewellery and my reliable (battered) black boots :) 
I just L.O.V.E this outfit so much and can't help but keep wearing it over and over! I just feel like it is very . . . 'me'.

Do you have a favourite outfit at the moment that you think just really sums up your style?

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