Friday, 31 January 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

I thought it was about time I shared some of my daily skincare staples as I have been obsessed with products ever since I was about 14 when I was going through the usual hormonal breakouts and wanted to try anything and everything to get my skin to chill the hell out!

I will be posting about my current morning skincare routine today and I will post my evening one in a few days!

First off I will just make a few brief points about my skin and my past relationship with skincare . . . 

- I would say my skin type is pretty much normal, as in no real noticeable dryness or oiliness - I have only experienced these issues when using a product that is really wrong for me. However I do suffer from a breakout without fail at 'that time of the month' so I always end up having bad skin for about 2 weeks (nothing too problematic most of the time, just have to wear a lot more make-up!) and the other 2 weeks from the month it has normally cleared up. (and then it comes round again! Waahh!) For reference I normally get spots around the chin, nose and cheeks. I don't think my diet helps in the slightest but junk food and coke keep me going so I can't possibly give them up - I've tried and failed many a time. I just love, love, LOVE them!

- The skincare I choose is normally in an attempt to combat these breakouts as that is my primary concern. I also look for anything that will fade red marks and slight scarring from having bad skin previously so anything that aims to brighten and renew the skin is bound to interest me! Also, prolonging the ageing process is also at the back of my mind so moisturising is key.

- I'm one of those people who's always trying out new things and on the lookout for the next miracle product. haaa. (Put it this way, if I ever come to the end of a moisturiser then it must be the dogs doodah's kinda good!) I kind of annoy myself by doing this as I know I should give things a chance for longer but if I'm not loving I don't see the point of using something up just for the sake of it.

- I just have to put this statement out there: I'm a skincare snob. *hangs head in shame* Ever since I started using high end skin products I've never looked back and I believe in the whole 'you get what you pay for' with this kind of thing. The only 'drugstore' type brand I can see myself using again is Simple as they're the only products I've found which work for me and I continuously buy them. It is a completely different story with makeup but my skin is something I like to invest in.

Anyway, so now you have a bit of insight into my skin, it's onto the products!

Cleanse: I bought the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser back in August and have been using on and off as my morning cleanser ever since. I doubt it would have lasted this long apart from the fact I was really lazy for about 3 months and just cleansed with a face wipe in the mornings before doing my make-up. Very naughty! Thankfully I have nipped that habit in the bud over the past few months after vowing not to skip morning cleansing in the lead up to my wedding and I have been giving this cleanser a really good go which it really deserves! I hadn't actually heard anything about it when I first bought it so I got it on a bit of a whim but I was really drawn to the idea of a clay-based cleanser. It claims to draw out impurities and stimulate collagen production for a plumper, dewy complexion - and I would have to agree that it does just that. I use 2 pumps of this each morning and massage it into my skin concentrating particularly on any areas of congestion. When I rinse it away my skin is glowing and very smooth. Over time I have noticed it has toned down the redness in my skin and the pores across my cheeks don't appear as obvious. It is one of those products I instantly noticed is doing some good! Dam, I have too much praise for this product so I will need to do a full review soon. I'm really enjoying using this at the moment though and I know this is one product I will reach the end of.

Tone: I'm a long term devotee to Origins products and the Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion is the first product I started using from their Mega Mushroom by Dr.Weil collection. I absolutely adore this - so much so that it has spurred me on to buy more products from the rest of the range. I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin as such but as the range is designed for sensitive skins it just means that it is so gentle and calming and I never have to worry about any kind of negative reaction or my skin drying out with these products. This toner in particular is just so soothing and not at all stripping like some toners can be, although that doesn't mean to say it isn't effective - I credit this toner for getting rid of some nasty under the skin spots before Christmas so now whenever my skin is suffering I go straight for this! Unfortunately I am so close to the end of this bottle but I will definitely repurchase.

Eye Cream: I've had the Origins GinZing eye cream for so long but it's one of the few Origins products I've tried that I'm just not sold on. It was actually one of the first Origins products I bought because I heard so much about how beneficial using a separate eye moisturiser is but I didn't really know much about them and this was a really popular one so I just got it. Also this one aims to brighten and de-puff as oppose to wrinkle and line prevention like quite a lot of other eye creams I've seen and seen as dark circles are my main eye concern at the moment this one seemed like a good option! I use my ring finger to dab a little of this around the under eye area each morning and the shimmering particles it contains do help to brighten the eye area. Also, I have found it to be a good base for concealer in order to create a bright dewy look to cover my dark circles, so it's not completely wasted on me. The one gripe I have with this is that although it helps to cover the dark circles when it is applied, I haven't noticed any long term effects by using it and it hasn't help to rid or reduce my dark circles after continued use. I've carried on using it on the basis that I think it adds something extra when used under make up but I'm currently on the lookout for an eye cream with a bit more to give.

Serum: The Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum is the most recent addition to my morning routine and I've religiously been massaging a couple of pumps into my face each morning before moisturising. I can't vouch for any long term effects as I haven't given it enough time but it's a lovely product to use. The texture is quite thin but not runny and my skin just soaks it up right away. I hate anything that leaves a greasy film over the skin so this is just perfect. I  hope I grow to love it as much as my Mega-Mushroom toner!

Moisturise: Finally I apply the Origins VitaZing all over my face - not only do I find it moisturises my skin but it also has a slight tan-like tint to it which is a great base for make-up. I find if I put too much on it can look a bit orange on me so I use it sparingly, but that's probably because I'm so pale normally! I've read that some people just use this on it's own in place of their base - kind of like a tinted moisturiser - but I think this would only work on really naturally flawless skins. I personally find that this provides an amazing glow to my skin when I'm wearing a foundation or my cc cream over the top and I love how it brightens the skin and gives a dewy look to my make up - but for me it doesn't do anything extra in the terms of coverage. This is such a great moisturiser and I love using it as the final part of my skincare routine before using make-up, however I'm still after another day cream I can use for when I'm having a 'no make-up day'! Any suggestions are welcome :)

What are your go-to morning products? Which daytime moisturisers and eye creams do you recommend? 

*haaa. only just realised all bar one of these products is from Origins! I can assure you I don't work for them or anything, I just genuinely love the brand!*



  1. I love Origins skincare - it's so fresh and natural and most of the products smell amazing :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Great skin care lineup! I definitely need more Origins in my life and you're tempting me with that Sunday Riley cleanser. Fun post! xo



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