Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Black Slip Dress

dress and top: miss selfridge (old)
choker: regal rose
hat: topshop (old)
creepers: underground

So yesss I'm wearing this choker again :) actually love it (and it matches my lipstick!)
This is quite a go-to look for me really - slip dress, bowler hat and my beloved creepers. I've had my creepers for years now and they're definitely my most worn daytime shoe followed closely by any black chunky boots. I have the double sole ones and they are the perfect height, go with practically any outfit and are soooo comfy! I actually wore this outfit last week - I am currently having a pyjama day but I'm presuming no-one wants to see an OOTD of my dressing gown and slippers! I have had a lie in this morning and had a deep cleanse with one of my fave Aesop face masks whilst catching up with some YouTube videos and now I'm off to cook dinner for my family :) Then it's back to work tomorrow, wahhh! Gotta love a nothing day though!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cat Eye Sunglasses

t-shirt and boots: asos
shorts: next (old)
choker: regal rose
sunglasses: quay

I know it's officially Autumn but I wore this outfit last weekend . . . the sun was shining and I had a BBQ and I wore shorts and I wore my new sunglasses and it was bloody brilliant!
I am actually obsessed with all the Quay Australia sunglasses and I'm forever browsing them on Asos. I love the graphic shapes and the wide range of colours they do :) I go through fazes where I like particular styles - I used to always want round ones because I loved the Chanel round ones ages ago but now I'm all about the cat eyes!
And hey I may be wearing shorts but at least I'm sporting my Autumnal berry lips, woooo!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Best of . . . H&M

skirt // boots // coat // hat // top // shorts // trainers

I thought I'd introduce a new feature into my blog titled 'The Best of . . .' where I will create a wishlist of all my current favourite picks from a chosen store each time.
To start this series are some items from H&M which is a shop I'm absolutely loving at the moment! I've never really been a big fan of H&M before now, I think because the store in my home town is quite small and they never seem to have the best choice of stock. However, after browsing on the website recently I realised they have so much more to offer than I first thought and there is so many awesome, on-trend pieces and at amazing prices! I couldn't believe this coat is only £25, as are the boots . . . and these leather look shorts are only £13! Say Whaaat . . . ?!
So yeah, I've basically just done a complete H&M u-turn and it's now my go-to for super cool and stylish yet affordable pieces :)

What do you think of H&M? Which is your favourite of my picks?


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Motel Jumpsuit and Regal Rose Choker

jumpsuit: motel (sale)
boots: asos (sale)
sunglasses: topshop (old)
choker: regal rose

Ever since I discovered Motel I'm always checking the 'new in' section as I am bound to love something (sometimes everything) All their stuff is just sooo cool and 90's inspired! <3
I love their sales as you can get such good bargains, this jumpsuit was about £18 and I wore it for like a whole week when I got it, haaa!
Also obsessed with my chunky boots (also a bargain, eek!) and choker :D which will be attached to my neck for the foreseeable . . .

Have you scored any sale bargains?


Friday, 26 September 2014

The Haircare Pair

There's only 2 products I've been using recently to keep my hair in check: 

First is the Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner - yesss I have given up shampoo for good (well, for now!) and am relying on this to keep my hair squeaky clean. I'd read a lot about ditching the shampoo in favour of a cleansing conditioner so when my Ojon shampoo and conditioner ran out a couple of months ago I thought I'd give it a go. If you haven't heard of cleansing conditioners (where have you been?!) the idea is that you skip the shampoo and they cleanse and condition the hair in one easy step (woohoo, I'm such a lazy hair washer) and they promise not to dry out or strip the hair of essential oils in a way that they claim shampoo does. I've got to admit, it's a strange experience at first - no lather?! But it leaves my hair silky soft and is a great detangler which is a huge plus for my knotty hair. I'm quite heavy handed with the stuff but I really like to work it into my scalp and then through to the ends. I leave it on for a few minutes, wash out as you would a normal shampoo then voila! I must say though that I don't use any product in my hair apart from a spot of dry shampoo so I can't say how this would work for any product junkies out there to really clean the hair of product build up in a way that a shampoo would. For me though, it works :) Sorry shampoo: consider yourself dumped!

The second one is an old favourite, the original hair oil - Morrocanoil Treatment. I first started using the product years ago when there was all that hype about it, I hadn't even heard of hair oils or treatment before that. I absolutely loved it and went through 3 bottles of the stuff! By that time loads of other brands had bought out their own versions and I was convinced to try different oils and leave in treatments thinking I could get something better or cheaper with all the choice out there. I was wrong. Lots of not as nourishing leave-in conditioners and greasy hair oils down the line and I'm back using the best and am loving it more than ever. I use about 4 pumps of Morrocanoil Treatment and massage it into the ends of my hair when it's still damp after washing either before blow drying, otherwise I let my hair dry naturally. I use it on the ends of my hair when it's dry too, I just can't get enough :) My hair is so much more manageable after I've used this miracle product and it leaves it feeling stronger, shinier and just in overall better condition: goodbye split ends! The big selling point for me is that it doesn't leave my hair greasy in the slightest as some other hair oils have (tresemme, ojon, percy & reed...)
If you've never tried this cult product, I suggest you do!

Would you ever consider ditching the shampoo?
Which hair treatment do you swear by?


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Heart Print Jumpsuit

jumpsuit: love label
sandals: topshop
hat: urban outfitters in nyc
sunglasses: vintage shop

Meet the most flattering jumpsuit in the world! 
I've got a bit of a thing for jumpsuits at the moment as I just think they're a great go-to item of clothing if you want to look fashionable but you don't actually have time to think about what to wear! Whenever I've seen anyone out and about wearing a jumpsuit or on other blogs I've always thought they look SO cool but in an effortless way, like they just woke up, chucked on a giant baby grow and just happened to look great! Even without any styling or accessorising I think they're an interesting enough item of clothing to make a statement of there own. So just to summarise . . .
I saw this one in a magazine and I fell in love the ditsy print and it's monochrome-ness (not a word) and when I came to try it on it fit like a glove, even in the leg length, woo! I'm so pleased with it :) I can't wait to see the different ways in which I can style it!

Do you own a jumpsuit? And how would you style yours?


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

New Skincare Bits

Over the past few months I've been trialling a few new skincare bits, some of which I'm still not sure on and others which have become staples in my routine :)

Firstly, I have been using the Garnier Micellar cleansing water which I use to take my make up off in the evening as a kind of first cleanse before I go all in with either a cleansing balm or oil (currently The Body Shop). I was first introduced to these types of cleansing waters by the famous bioderma and I loved how simple yet throrough a water could be at removing makeup. I find the Garnier offering just as good as Bioderma - completely removes all face and eye make up with ease, without drying out my skin or leaving any residue. Due to the much cheaper price and the fact I can pick it up from the supermarket along with my regular food shop the Garnier water definitely edges it!
I have to mention that the best cleansing water I've tried is the Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser as it's just so luxurious and I feel like it does more than just removing make up, but as it's nearing the £20 mark and I go through it so quickly I can't afford to use it constantly so the Garnier one is a good alternative.

After cleansing I have been using the Pixi Glow Tonic every evening and I am so glad I caved into the hype and bought this because it is such a brilliant toner. Just a few swipes of this all over my face on a daily basis leaves my skin feeling much brighter, softer and clearer and as soon as this one runs out I will have another one waiting to crack on with! I was a bit put off by the idea of exfoliating toners as I really didn't get on with the popular Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner because despite the name I just found it too harsh on my skin with continued use and I have suspicions that this was the product that caused my skin to break out when I was using it. I don't know for sure if it was this but it just put me off! And now I have my new favourite Pixi product so everything is fine :)

Another mega hyped up product I've recently started using is the La Roche-Posey Effaclar Duo+. I know I'm last on the bandwagon with this but when everyone was raving about it I just wasn't that interested in it and I just didn't get what it was . . . moisturiser? serum? spot treatment? Turns out it's all 3! Currently I'm using this in the evenings as the last step in my skincare routine and I'm really loving it! The light, gel-like texture of the cream soaks into the skin and my skin isn't particularly dry so I don't feel the need to apply anything else over the top. I know some people like to use an additional moisturiser after this but my skin feels comfortable with just this, although maybe this will change once the weather starts getting colder. I have definitely noticed less breakouts since I've been using this and that's the main concern I was hoping to target when I bought this so I'm very happy with it. The only negative I would mention is that although it claims to be a great make up base I find my foundation just doesn't seem to blend flawlessly over Effaclar Duo, it just doesn't look . . . smooooth, which is why I only use it in the evenings now. I still think it is a great product and I've achieved clearer skin with it which is what I wanted but with regards to using it as a makeup base, I'd rather stick to my primer.

HealGel Intensive is one of those products that sounded so AMAZING on blog reviews etc that despite having an extremely long wishlist with products on that I've wanted to try for years, this product just went straight to the top and I bought it without really umming and ahhing about it. I personally bought HealGel Intensive to use on my face as I particularly wanted to get rid of red marks/scarring that previous spots had left behind and this gel, designed by plastic surgeons, claims to do just that. At the moment I use this in place of a serum mornings and evenings, not all over my face but just on targeted areas where there is any scarring or redness - particularly around my chin and cheeks. I find one pump is enough to cover these areas each time and I absolutely love the texture of the gel, it soaks into the skin no problem and is untraceable in minutes.
After using this for the past couple of months I am still on the fence as to whether I love it or just like it. It has left my skin brighter and smoother and I do like the product, it is especially good if for example you were to pick a spot, applying this gel afterwards definitely does speed up the healing process. However I would say with regards to blemish scarring and red marks that aren't fresh or general uneven skintone it is a case of it making a gradual difference over continued use but it is not an overnight miracle worker like some people have made out. Not for me anyway! I will continue to use it and hope that in time my skin will be as good as new :)

Finally, I bought the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel for whenever I'm having a bad skin day . . . I've had this for a quite a while and it has definitely become my go-to spot treatment. The Clinique website advises to 'apply a thin layer to entire face twice a day after cleansing' but as I find it quite drying on the skin - as with most anti-blemish products - I stick to applying it only on any problem areas and only in the evening as I don't find make up glides over the solution very easily (I'm not keen on the dry, crusty make-up look)
This smell is quite medicated but I like that and as far as spot treatments go this works for reducing the size and redness quickly and the drying effect isn't really a problem once I've applied moisturiser over the top.

Have you tried any of these products? 
What new skincare bits have you bought recently?


Friday, 29 August 2014

Oh My Love Co-ord

shorts and top: oh my love
socks and shoes: topshop
sunglasses: accessorize (old)
bag: zatchels (old)

I've gone crazy for co-ords at the moment - I just seem to be drawn to anything matchy-matchy (saves time deciding what goes with what too!) not to mention this one is the comfiest thing everrr . . . big shout out to elasticated waistbands for that! I've been loving all of the twosies on the oh my love website recently but I plumped for this one with the cute and random pinapple/flamingo print :) The blue ditzy print is next on my list!

Do you own a Co-ord? What do you think of the trend?


Monday, 25 August 2014

Camomile Cleansing

Since cleansing balms and cleansing oils became so popular on the skincare scene they have completely changed the face of cleansing for me. They are such a quick and effective way of removing make-up and I just love the feel of using them - they just . . . work! The Body Shops offerings are no exception with their Camomile range becoming my go-to for cleansers recently.
I was previously using the Clinique cleansing balm which when I came to repurchase I was told by the counter assistant it had been discontinued (This must have been false information as I've seen it available to buy since). So the hunt for a replacement started . . .
I usually only use high end skincare so when I saw The Body Shops Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil crop up on blogs after their release last year I didn't consider giving them a try. However the hype that surrounded them must have stuck in my mind because when I found myself cleanser-less and on a budget at the beginning of this month I got myself a 35% off voucher online and purchased them both for under £15!
I use either one in the evening as my first cleanse - if I've been wearing heavy make-up I go in with a face wash afterwards. Both of them completely remove my mascara without stinging my eyes at all, however sometimes I prefer to remove my eye make-up with a micellar water first (currently Garnier) just because it can get messy having black smeared around my face and then onto my flannel but if I don't have time for that extra step I just go straight in with the balm or oil onto my dry made up face.
I use either a finger scoop full of the balm or about 4 pumps of the oil and massage the product into my face for a couple of minutes before removing with a damp flannel. I know some people prefer to use a muslin cloth to remove the balm and The Body Shop recommend rinsing the oil off rather than using a cloth but I personally like to use a flannel for either.
Both of these cleansers remove every last bit of makeup and I couldn't recommend them enough! I've heard a few people mention about oils/balms leaving a film like residue over the face after cleansing but I haven't experienced anything like that with either of these. My face is always left feeling perfectly clean and fresh. The main thing I love about cleansing balms and oils is they never strip the skin or leave your face dry, it's like they add more moisture back into the skin!
I don't have a preference between the two as they are quite similar and both just as effective as each other. I would say the advantage to the balm is it is less messy as it is a solid that only turns into an oil like formula when it is being massaged into the face whereas the oil comes out quite runny. However the advantage to the oil is you seem to get more product for your money and I can just tell by the amount of product I've used so far that the oil is going to last longer.

I'm so glad I gave high street skin care a chance as I really think these 2 products get the job done at a fraction of the price and it's a joy to massage them into my skin in the evening! Sooooo relaxing! Now I'm not saying using these has curbed my longing to try the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm (just how luxurious does it look?!) but for a purse friendly option both these are spot on and I look forward to trying more from The Body Shop :)

Are you a fan of cleansing balms and oils?
What are your Body Shop favourites?


Monday, 18 August 2014

Big Fashion Wishlist

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
dress: motel
bindichoker and black ring: all regal rose
shortscoat and glitter: all topshop
boots: asos
tear drop ring: dixi


topskirt and coat: all topshop
shoes: asos
choker and headpiece: both regal rose
moon ring and silver ring: both dixi


leggingsbootsblack topwhite camisocks and skirt: all topshop
choker and ring: both regal rose
sunglasses: quay
floral top and skirt: both motel

Mirrored Image

Mirrored Image
top and dress: both motel
skater shoeslipstick and glitter: all topshop
perspex heels and backpack: both american apparel
platform sandals: asos
aviators: ray ban
moon ringturquoise ringmoonstone ring: all dixi


dressskater shoestop and lipstick: all topshop
heels: asos
sunglasses: quay
scrunchie: urban outfitters
hat: lazy oaf

Ice Cold

Ice Cold
dress: motel
necklace: regal rose
crystal ringmoonstone ring and gemstone ring: all dixi
heels: asos
top and shorts: both topshop

Which are your favourite picks? What is on your current wishlist?


Friday, 15 August 2014

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

dress: dahlia (old)
belt and shoes: next (old)
socks and head bow: topshop

Considering I'd never been to a wedding before, in the space of this past year I've been to 4 (including my own!) so seen as we're in the midst of wedding season I thought I'd do a post which will hopefully provide some inspiration as to what to wear as a guest at a Summer wedding :)

Above are some pics of the outfit I wore to a wedding in June. I ended up panic wearing this dress from Dahlia which I've had for years as there was a delay in the delivery of the outfit I'd planned to wear. Although I would've liked to have worn something new I thought it was a cute look for a wedding and the broderie anglais pop socks and oversized hair bow updated the outfit and made it more 'me' and the bow was a nice alternative to a traditional fascinator. 

Lemons and Limes
What to Wear to a Wedding - Lemon and Lime
coat, eyeshadow, dress and court shoes - all topshop

I love this adorable lightweight coat for if it gets a bit chilly in the evening at an outdoor wedding or one where the reception is held in a marquee. You'd definitely stand out if you went for lime too!

Pink and Lilac
What to Wear to a Wedding - Pink, Lilac & Florals
bow and floral crown: crown & glory
lip tint: by terry
pink sandals: carvela
dress and lilac co-ord - all topshop
silver sandals: asos
floral top and matching skorts - both love label

A co-ord is a great alternative to a dress and bang on trend

Pretty Florals
What to Wear to a Wedding - Flowers
kimono: little white lies
klear klutchdresscoral sandals and floral headpice - all asos
necklace, sockswhite sandals and nail varnish - all topshop

You can't go wrong with classic summery florals :)

This is the outfit I wore to a wedding at the beginning of this month! Sorry the picture quality is so crap, I didn't take my camera so these are just from my phone/instagram. 
This is the outfit I wanted to wear previously but it was on back order for weeks. It was worth the wait though because I absolutely love it! I think the watercolour florals are perfect for a Summer wedding and the skorts/top style was sooooo comfy . . . and I didn't need to worry about flashing my undies if I fell over on the dancefloor (which definitely didn't happen by the way)
Also I was allowed to go through my mums gazillion hat boxes and pick out this perfect pink 'hatinator' - as my mum calls it - to match. Nice huh?

Would you wear any of these outfits to a wedding? Let me know your fave in the comments :)


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ways to Wear . . . a Kimono

Untitled #49
Wear With . . . Patterns and Prints
top and skirt: topshop (old)
boots: original moroccan kilim boots from urban outfitters (can buy from bohemia)
rings: dixi
necklace: present

Wear With . . . Denim
playsuit: motel (old)
shoes and socks: topshop (old)

Wear With . . . Black
sunglasses and boots: topshop (similar here)

I bought this little white lies kimono while I was in New York which meant I got it a fair bit cheaper, woohoo! In the UK you can buy it from the direct website little white liesurban outfitters and topshop and I've noticed the price has gone down to a slightly more appealing £110 depending on where you shop :) I absolutely love it and I can see it's going to be my go-to cover up during the Summer nights. I must admit I'm not sure how wearable the hood is - I would probably feel a bit ridiculous walking down the street with the hood up unless I was actually on holiday, ha! But it's a nice touch all the same.

I can't get enough of this brand at the moment, I would love the crochet tunic to match my kimono and the penelope dress is another favourite.

Which is your favourite look? What do you think of little white lies?

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