Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ways to Wear . . . Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

Team with . . . a Studded belt and Creepers
t-shirt: truffle shuffle
socks and hair bow: topshop (headband sold out in black)
rings: asos
creepers: underground
belt: very old vintage

Team with . . . a Plain tee and Statement Necklace
t-shirt: my boyfs!
boots and sunglasses: topshop
rings and necklace: asos

Team with . . . Leather and Tartan
shirt, boots and leather jacket: all old topshop

Yeah so I finally caved and got some mom jeans. A year behind but hey . . . !! Really thought my jeans days were behind me after I packed up my skinnies but I'm so glad I got some of these! I bloody love them! I literally can't stop wearing them . . . so comfy!! Yipee :)

How do you wear your mom jeans?



  1. Ooo great looks, Think I like the plain tee and statement necklace look the most! I'm a statement necklace kinda gal!

  2. I love the statement necklace and plain shirt outfit most, the chain is just gorgeous as well as the shoes! So chic! But I also love the leather jacket in the last outfit, it just looks so nice and stylish altogether.


  3. You are rocking the MOM jeans in each in every outfit, love this post x

  4. I just love your sense of style

  5. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  6. I love your different looks for this outfit they would be hard to pull off ;D I certainly couldn't style these great job! xx

  7. love mom jeans! you look fab x

  8. Great ideas! You've made the mom jeans look incredibly cool, especially with the plaid and those killer boots :)


  9. You look sooo nice! I really want some mom jeans.
    Not sure if I could pull them off though :/
    Now following you on bloglovin, love your blog!

  10. I love how you styles these jeans. They're not my style personally, but you look great in them! xx

    Fernanda | Ferdie's Beauty Finds

  11. You look so cool in these! Topshop jeans are so confusing though, in the Joni's I'm size 6 *bullshit* LOL, in the Leigh's I'm a 10 *correct* and in the moms... can I even fit into a size 14 pls? LMAO. So mental - you look gorg though, really styled them well x

  12. Love this idea so much! And your velvet bow is seriously gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  13. Hey lovely! How are you? You should know that I do not usually comment on other blogs, but I found yours out because of a friend and I must say I really like it :) SO I FOLLOW YOU NOW :D A very cool post, love it so so much!! I hope you visit my blog and if you like it, it would be great if you follow me :D My blog is about fashion, make up, DIY, original ideas (cooking, decorating, etc), I talk about everything :P I hope you like it
    Big kiss!

  14. Rocking the mom jeans! I don't have a pair not sure if I could pull them off!

  15. Love the way you've styled these, they look great on you! The only jeans that really suit me are skinnies, so I don't own any other styles!

  16. Such an amazing post! All these styles look lovely on you, I adore the tartan! Gives it a grungy look :D

  17. Cool look - have you seen the studded belts at Blue Banana? I think they'd probably match your style quite well :)


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