Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends at Reiss

There are so many great trends this season I'm almost happy Summer has come to an end. Here are a few of my favourite trends that are so versatile nobody has an excuse for not being 'in fashion'. haaa.
I have picked out some pieces from the new A/W collection from Reiss at John Lewis that I'd wear to get bang up to date for the new season. *I can dream . . .* Be prepared for some gorgeous wearable clothes and lots of to-die-for accessories!

Trend 1: Navy - It's nice to have a change from black every once in a while, and navy is the ideal alternative - like a baby step into the world of colour! I always think navy just looks so darn sophisticated! The jumpsuit is a winner for me but for any Kate Middleton wannabes the dress is perfect.

In the Navy

Trend 2: Metal Belts - I am in love with the entire Burberry Prorsum collection! Out of my price range . . . yes - but anyone can update their look Burberry style with an amazing metal banded belt like ones the models were sporting. I need the gold zip style one from Reiss quick sharp! It's such a statement piece, it'd look fab thrown on with a basic shift dress to jazz it up a bit or whipped round a trench coat a la Burberry.
Animal Print

Trend 3: Dusky Pink - How cute is the ballerina style dress?! It looks like like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear. I'm still Sex and the City's biggest fan and anything 'Carrie' is a big thumbs up! Also isn't the silk top a dead ringer for the one on the Richard Nicoll catwalk?! I love the candyfloss shade although I have to say I will be teaming this sugary sweet trend with leather for a bit of attitude!
Dusky Pink

Which trends will you be channelling this Autumn/Winter?
Which are your favourite picks from the Reiss collection?


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Black Maxi Skirt and Fluffy Jumper

skirt and rings: asos
jumper: minkpink
hat, sunglasses and boots: topshop
necklace: regal rose

I feel like some kind of witch in this outfit. Gotta love head to toe black though for a gothic 'Addams Family' kind of vibe! I don't normally go for anything maxi length for fear of looking too short or drowning in fabric but this skirt was only £18 from Asos which was quite reasonable so I thought I'd give it a go. It's made from a really soft jersey fabric and is soooo comfy. Flashes a bit of leg too which never hurt anyone. Also how cute is this fluffy jumper?! It's mega sparkly in real life too. Winner! I think this is the perfect 'adjusting to the colder seasons' outfit - still just managing to get away without wearing a coat! Which reminds me I need a winter coat. Love those oversized ones that are all the rage right now. I've seen a few cool ones but why does one item have to cost so much! *sigh*


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rainbow Socks and Unicorn Clutch Bag

t-shirt: my boyf's
dungarees: topshop (now on sale!)
jelly shoes: juju
socks: harrogate knit and stitch show (old!)
sunglasses: dixi (sold out)

I'm so in love with my unicorn clutch bag! I saw it over on Helenas blog (she's styling it amazingly f.y.i) and just knew I had to have it! I know it's verging on tacky but it's just so whimsical and fun and it's not like it broke the bank! The zip is a little tail too, how cute?! I've been on a constant look out for any holographic fashion items ever since the mini-trend first arose but I've not been able to find too much on the high street. Some that I have found have been so expensive too which is quite risky with this kind of trend as it's probably going to look ridiculous next season if you know what I mean? 'Holographic' is not exactly a staple or a must-have such as leather would be or monochrome!
This will probably be my last outfit post this year where I'm  bare legged/wearing jelly shoes/not wearing a coat! I wore this last Thursday when we had a couple of randomly sunny days but since then it's taken a turn for cold, dull Autumn whether. Boo! I've always preferred dressing for Summer - probably because it's easier just to think about wearing one item of clothing rather than what layers go with what! Huge coats over my outfits always make me feel really frumpy too, plus I always wear skirts and dresses which aren't always as easy to style when it's chilly as you have to match them to some woolly tights etc . . . I don't think I've ever worn trousers or jeans on this blog. I never wear them! I don't think I've ever worn a pair of actual trousers just because I've always thought they'd make my legs look extra short. Some people pull them off so well but they're just not for me. I used to be obsessed with skinny jeans when Kate Moss first wore them, and when the world went crazy for them so did I! I must have bought over 10 pairs . . . black, blue, light grey, dark grey, bluey-grey, white, yellow (yes yellow!) That was ages ago though and I haven't worn any of them for years. Looking back they weren't actually that comfy!
One thing that would definitely end my trousers/jeans drought would be a pair of Mom Jeans! I love the style of them and I can think of loads of different ways I could style them although I'm not even sure they'd suit me?!  I desperately want a pair so hopefully I can get some soon and sport them over A/W!

Oh darn, I just remembered I do own a pair of disco pants and I have worn them this year - but do these count as trousers? I don't know, they're a weird one, more leggings I'd say . . . 


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Gothic Layers and Topshop Holographic Argo Boots

velvet shorts, crown, cycling shorts, sunglasses, socks and boots: topshop
net top: motel
t-shirt: borrowed from the boyf!

Can we just all take a minute to appreciate the awesomeness that is my new boots . . . 
There we go thank-you :)
You know when you just see a wow piece of clothing/amazing bag/insert cool as f*** item here, that you just have to have?! And you'd actually consider selling your car/lunches for the next month/cat (sorry patches!) in order to get them?! Yeah, well that was these boots for me. Didn't have to go as far as to sell my cat though - joking about that one obviously. When I saw these on the Topshop website though, it was actually as if they'd read my mind. Chunky, yep. Shiny, yep. Rainbow, yep. And with buckles on and a cutout at the side! Winners. So obsessed with these!

What fashion or beauty items did you neeeeeeed to get right away?!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Motel Blue Babydoll Dress and Topshop Cutout Boots

dress: motel
boots, hat, socks and sunglasses: topshop (studded boots sold out online)
bracelet and charm: thomas sabo (present)
bag, dragonfly necklace and earrings: presents
cross necklace: regal rose
peace sign necklace: ebay

Yay! I have been blogging since January and I have just reached my first milestone - 100 followers on GFC! Carly from Carly's Beauty World was my 100th follower! Thank-you Carly! And thank-you to each and every one of you for following my lil' blog - soooo happy! I know it's not all about numbers/subs and all that jazz  and I would honestly still update my blog even if nobody read it as I love having a kindof fashion log just for myself and I've found I've generally become organised and motivated since I've been blogging! But it's lovely to know that I'm not just talking to myself all the same ;) haha. So . . . THANK-YOU!! If there's anything in particular you'd like me to post about in the future just let me know in the comments :)

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