Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Motel Savannah Cold Shoulder Dress

dress: motel
boots and sunglasses: topshop
chain harness: regal rose

I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like recently
been so so busy!
My 2 days off last week were spent house hunting and being painted head to toe for my friends make-up course - I looked crazy but it was so much fun!
I'm free today so I'm spending my time enjoying the sun and catching up on all my favourite blogs :)
feels like the first day in ages where I can just do nothing!
I better get used to it though as I've booked next week and the week after off for Summer
I'm really hoping to get away somewhere hot but I'm waiting on my passport
hope it comes soon *fingers crossed*

I have to say this is one of my most favourite outfits I've worn for a while.
I do love Summer dressing as it's so much easier only having to think about one layer.
Though it's not often you can get away with going bare legged/armed living in England.
I absolutely love everything about this Motel dress
the shape, the length, the style, the fit
how cool are the cutout shoulders?
such a quirky addition to an otherwise simple dress.
I decided to buy it in white as I got it when Wimbledon was on and it gave me the idea to create some kind of fashionable tennis player look
but they do it in sooooo many colours
I'm seriously thinking about getting either a black or a red one too . . .
I toughened my dress up by wearing this chain harness thingy over it
I do like a not so predictable accessory 
(although I must admit I was on the fence as to how wearable this would actually be)
and my boyfriends description of 'weird gothic dog lead' did make me question it . . .
I actually really like it on though and its an unusual alternative to a necklace so I'm looking forward to seeing which other ways I can style it!

Would you wear something like this?



  1. Love this dress, I recently did an outfit post wearing it too :)


  2. absolutely love the body chain, you pull it off so well!!

    Tahnee from Hysterical Hearts xx

  3. Wow I love this outfit!

  4. love those Topshop boots, you'll never see me out of mine

  5. I love your style, that dress is so nice!
    Found you through the bbloggers chat yesterday and I love your blog, been looking for some new fashion bloggers to follow for a while!
    New follower :)

  6. Amazing outfit!!! Absolutely love that harness - i'll have to see if I can get my mitts on one! My boyfriend would describe it similarly, but they just don't understand haha!!xx

  7. Great outfit - love the sunnies :) x

  8. What a killer summer dress! Love the way you've accessorized it and the lipstick is amazing! Glad things are warm and sunny :)



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