Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fashion Obsession - Black Chunky Boots

Fashion Obsession - Chunky Black Boots
1. to be announced at solestruck 
2. to be announced at solestruck
3. vegabond at asos
4. vegabond at asos
5. office
6. topshop


This is the first time I've been on the internet in a week!
Last Tuesday my passport finally arrived after what feels like months of waiting so me and my boyfriend immediately hot-footed it down to the travel agents to book a last minute holiday to Tunisia and 12 hours later we were on our way. Talk about last minute.
I wrote this post before setting off and was planning on posting it while I was away but when we arrived I couldn't get any internet access where we stayed. It's only now I realise how much I actually rely on the web!
It may sound sad but not having the internet is an absolute nightmare for me
No blogging . . . no e-mails . . . plus I'm always checking twitter on my phone when I have a spare minute or googling random facts!
Not to mention I have a mountain of other blogs I need to catch up on (that's my night sorted)
I actually got really excited logging on for the first time after such a long wait. Haha.
Is it just me or do you kind of feel like you're cut off from the world when your on holiday?
Although I suppose that's the point!

Yeah yeah, I know it's Summer so I should really be swooning over cutout sandals and flip-flops, but the black chunky boot is the one fashion item I can't help but love the whole year round.
I want the Topshop ones but I only spotted them the day after I bought some Topshop Studded Arabels so I feel like I can't get justify getting them now! I absolutely love the oil slick effect detail on the 'To Be Announced' boots at Solestuck - they're probably my perfect boots (if it wasn't for the price tag!) I've always liked the style of Vegabond boots, they're just the right side of chunky but still feminine.

I am currently in the departure lounge and have got about half an hour before my flight but I'm so looking forward to going home and having a proper pot of Yorkshire tea :)
I really miss my home comforts!
I have some holiday inspired outfits to post over the next few days so I can't wait to get to work on those.
Wooooooo I'm coming home!



  1. Love the first pair! Hope you've had a good holiday :) I always feel like that too, I love going abroad but it's always better when there's free wi-fi!
    Lydia Rose

  2. I can't cope without the internet when on holiday haha. Number 6 is amazing!

    Tara xo

  3. Love this selection.
    I want them all.

  4. Love this style of boots as well! I have ones similar to #4 and they're my favourite! Great picks :)


  5. If I had the moneyz I could easily buy a hundred different black boots. Including all of these, but especially 1 & 2!

    ordaining serendipity

  6. Gorgeous, love black boots so much! :)

  7. Amazing post! I am about to follow you. Maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? PS- love the design of your blog!

  8. Such great picks, I wish I owned these! I have such an obsession with ankle boots and I love any sort of chunky shoe
    Lucia's Loves

  9. Love the boots, the 2nd part is my favourite x

  10. The #3 Vegabonds by asos are beautiful!!

  11. i actually am in love with all of these shoes, i couldn't even pick a favourite
    it's so depressing that winter is almost at an end here in Australia, because I just want to wear black chunky shoes for the rest of my life, haha

    Tahnee xxx

  12. I love all of these shoes, I need a pair!x

    Electra Violet


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