Monday, 17 June 2013

White Zatchels Satchel With Pink Hearts

satchel: zatchels
skirt, headband and boots: topshop
jumper: handmade

Aaahh, I'm so jealous that everyone else's recent blog photos have been in the beaming sunshine
and everyone's been sporting summery dresses and bare legs
and here I am stood in the rain in my woolly jumper, wah!
I literally worked every. single. day. of that sunny period we had :(
then the first day off I got it poured it down
actually I don't even think it would be harsh to describe it as stormy
Yes, bring out your violins people ;)
It was soooo annoying though
I'm worried I missed Summer.

In better news, how cool is this bag?!
I got it when Zatchels did the 50% off sale for their anniversary
I've wanted a zatchel/cambridge satchel style bag for ages but couldn't justify the price 
when I found out I could get a brand new one of my choice for half price I knew an opportunity like that wouldn't come along again for a while so I had to get one!
It was so hard choosing which style and colour but I just love the cute heart print on this one
no regrets!
As much as I love it though I have to say the service was awful
I ordered it on April 20th
and I only got it last week!
So it took almost 2 months to arrive!
Obviously they hadn't predicted so many orders during their sale
But literally no warning, no apology, nothing.
Ahh well, no point moaning now I've got it
I reckon it was worth the wait!

I wore this on Friday to watch Man of Steel
awesome film
Superman is one of the only action type films I actually like!



  1. That jumper looks soo comfy and warm!! :)

  2. You look so cosy!
    Love your jumper and necklace.
    Also love that satchel.

  3. I can't wait to watch superman! This bag is so pretty but I had no money when they had their sale, SOB.


  4. LOVE the bag <3 xx

  5. Aw this outfit is just so cute! I love the little bag with the hearts on :)

    The Little Antlers - blog
    Little Lemon Designs - portfolio

  6. Love this outfit! The mix of prints and fabrics is so cool and that bag is so cute! xo


  7. This is such a cute outfit!! Shame about the rain though, boo! xx

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