Sunday, 5 May 2013

White Biker Jacket and My Engagement Ring

My engagement ring! The picture really does not do it justice!

hat, jumper, sunglasses and jacket: topshop (jumper - old)
creepers: underground
necklace: present

As soon as I saw this jacket I knew I had to get it, I love the zip and buckle details and the padded sleeves make it look more expensive than it is too. I love wearing biker jackets to add an edge to an outfit but I thought this white version would be a good alternative to black now that the Summer season is approaching. Although you wouldn't think it judging by these photos . . . rain, rain, go away!



  1. Love this outfit! :0 x

  2. Aww your ring is gorgeous!! I hate it when pictures son't do things justice, but I can imagine :D
    The weather though - nu-uhhhh, typical haha!!

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  4. This outfit is so lovely (:

  5. Check out that pretty rock!! So exciting. You've just reminded me I also have a white biker around here somewhere...


  6. Congrats again on the engagement, Zandra. So exciting! Really loving that sweater- the stud detailing is great! xo


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  8. Love the jacket <3 <3 I had no idea white biker jackets looked so good until I saw this post!!

    Nice blog honey!

  9. Hey, great post love!

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  10. Love the outfit and congrats on the engagement. It's a really nice ring!

    Win two nail polishes of your choice on my international giveaway :-)

  11. perfect! especially love your creepers <3

  12. Nice getup, Zandra! It really matched well with your engagement ring, even if you think the photo didn’t give it any justice. When is the wedding, btw? Anyway, have a great day!

    Ricky Rowe @ Finding Jewelry Experts


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