Saturday, 6 April 2013

Skeleton Dress and Spike Headband

dress: a.y. not dead at asos (old)
boots and headband: topshop (headband - old)
necklace: rock'n'rose
cuff: present

I've had this dress for about 4 years and I'm ashamed to say it cost me about £60 if I remember rightly, which is just insane for a t-shirt dress with a print that a 2 year old could have painted on but to be fair it's one of the very few items of clothing I'm still wearing 4 years on so I suppose that kind of justifies the price.
It used to be more of a baggy t-shirt style on me but now it's more body con, haha - too many pies. Although it has been washed loads so it could have shrunk . . . yep, I'll go with that.
It's by the brand 'A.Y. Not Dead' which I used to absolutely love when they sold it on Asos - I used to always check out their new stuff, it's such a shame they've stopped stocking it now. It's an Argentinian brand and you can check out the direct website HERE. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere that stocks it in the UK!
Ahh well, I'll just have to browse the lookbooks for style inspiration! I've put some of my favourite images from the lookbooks below, but be warned, its so annoying looking at all the cool clothes and not knowing where or how to buy them! It's like sitting in front of a massive jammy doughnut and being allergic to sugar.

cool stuff, eh?



  1. I like your blog
    Follow me?

  2. I think £60 is a fine price if you are getting at least 4 years out of somethings! I have bought loads of things and not even worn them once!

    I love the spiky headband!

    Corinne x

  3. Love this look!


  4. Love the lookbooks below! And of course your lovely self :) xx


  5. Your hair looks gorgeous xx

  6. i like the skeleton pattern and your silver cuff

  7. Love the skeleton graphic on your dress! So cool. The steep price was definitely worth it if you're still wearing and loving it 4 years later. And I really like your lipstick- such a pretty coral! xo


  8. Awesome headband! And I really like the way you do your makeup. It looks very pretty ♥

    xx, Jackie


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