Sunday, 28 April 2013

I'm Engaged!!

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I don't normally talk about my personal life on my blog as my main reason for starting my blog was to share my love of fashion and beauty so I like to keep the focus mainly on that, however I have some very exciting news I just can't keep to myself! I've already given it away in the title really but on Friday evening my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Zak, popped the question! It was my birthday that day so we went for a meal at our favourite restaurant to celebrate - little did I know my birthday wasn't all we would be celebrating . . . He got down on 1 knee during dinner and of course I said yes! I didn't even want to eat afterwards I was so excited! I wasn't expecting it in the slightest and was (and still am) over the moon!
Not only that (yes there's more) but after the meal he drove me to a nearby venue (I was a bit confused as to why!) and when I walked in all my family and closest friends were there to greet me for my huge surprise party! I honestly could not believe it as I did not have a clue about the engagement or the party! It turns out that he started arranging it 8 months ago and everyone had known about the proposal since Christmas time! I still can't believe that nobody slipped up and revealed the secret but well done everyone because I didn't have a clue! I have been on cloud 9 ever since . . . 
Best. Night. Of. My. Life!!! And of course best birthday ever!
Also I have got a stunning engagement ring I can't wait to show off but I haven't even managed to take a picture of it yet as I've been in such a whirlwind. haaaa.
Zak took these photos of me before we went to the meal on Friday so this is the outfit I was wearing when I got engaged and the outfit I was wearing at my surprise party! I don't know how many people get engaged wearing dungarees! It's so funny looking at these pictures now and thinking that I didn't have a clue that within an hours time that my life would be changing forever!
Anyway this post has been filled with way too many exclamation marks but I think this is the one time it can be forgiven!!!!!



  1. This is so cute! Love your dungarees and your top is lovely! :) xx


  2. wow, congratualtions! sounds like you had an amazing night x

  3. AWWWWW congratulations lovely!!! That's amazing news and equally amazing he kept it a secret for so long WOW!!
    Gorgeous pictures too :)

  4. Congratulation ,you will be an amazing bride!

    Carly's Closet

  5. Congratulations on the engagement! This is a lovely outfit too :)

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!!


  7. Hey,
    I'm quite a new follower but so far I love your blog.
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    If you have been nominated before, I'm sorry, people must just love your blog haha! If you want to participate in the award, then you can read more about it here on my blog post.

    Do not feel obliged to follow it on, it's just a bit of fun :-)

    Happy blogging!

  8. Congratulations ^_^
    And yes, perfect outfit! Love it!


  9. Huge congrats! So exciting. Loving those stripes on you and your hair and makeup looks so pretty! Very Brigitte Bardot- and perfect for an surprise engagement party! xo


  10. Oh wow, HUGE congrats. Lucky you said yes considering he had the party planned - ha! ;)

    You look so cute in dungarees.


    I love the top under the dungarees - fab style!

  12. what a cute look

    Ive just posted a giveaway if youd like to enter :)

  13. So beautiful I love the outfit!


  14. wow congratulations! such a cute outfit!

  15. You look stunning, loving those dungarees!
    Aww Congratulations to you & Zak!!! xx

  16. 1) love the outfit
    2) congratulations! 8 months! Wooooow! That's amazing! Sounds so lovely and sweet!
    3) I just had a birthday recently, and i my bf prepared various surprises here and there, but sadly no questions yet (we've only been together 1.5 years)
    4) you must be sooo excited~~



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