Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hey Mickey

top: urban outfitters (old)
skirt: motel
sunglasses and boots: topshop
belt: new look (old)
rings: asos

I wore this outfit today to go for a bite to eat with my boyfriend. This skirt is another item I ordered from Motel last week. Literally a couple of days after I received it it went into the sale and is now £10 cheaper - aaahh, hate it when that happens! I'm still glad I got it though as the material is really thick and I love the cute peace sign print. I always find that skater style skirts are really flattering too in order to balance out my body shape.
My beloved Topshop 'Ample' boots are looking a little worse for wear here. I have had so much use out of them though! They're perfect for day as the heel is quite chunky and not too high so I can walk around in them all day without any pain. I always wear them on nights out too as they are sooo comfy that I can't help but choose them over heels now. I'm on the lookout for a new pair of black boots similar to these - chunky with abit of a heel. I really like them to be real leather too as I find that they are the comfiest. I really love the Topshop Arabels and the Topshop Physics boots but I always put off parting with such a large chunk of cash at once! These ones from office are really cool too although I like a slightly higher heel to make me look abit taller so I'm not sure. It's probably seems silly thinking about boots now that we're heading into summer but I love having a pair of chunky black leather boots on hand especially with how unpredictable the weather has been recently!



  1. What a fun outfit! Love the Mickey top and those glasses are super cool :)

    -Jen xo

  2. Love the mix of prints, that Disney tee is so cute.

    Ava Tallulah

  3. this is so cute and 90's! i feel like i've seen this kind of outfit in my favorite movies growing up. and nice call pairing peace sign pattern with a mickey mouse shirt- that was adorable

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. I love how cute this outfit is! x

  5. Love this outfit so cute and different! x

  6. In love with your outfit.

  7. In love with that skirt!! Love your style.

    I'm now following you on GFC & Bloglovin!!

  8. Ahhhh love your skirt!! xx

  9. love this!!
    great skirt!
    very nice!

  10. Cute skirt and tights! :) xx


  11. Love your style!!!


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