Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Big Birthday Beauty Haul

I've never got so many beauty products in one go before, exciting! The blusher, nail varnish, lip balm, serum, stippling brush and toiletries set are all presents and the rest I bought with my birthday money!
I'm so happy to have received the Origins serum as I have found my skin has really benefited from using the mega-mushroom cleanser and toner so hopefully this will be just as good, and I just love using products from the same range, is that just me?!
My mascaras on it's last legs so I chose to try this Clinique one as I have seen so many good reviews about it. I'm just hoping it will live up to the hype as I have used the original high impact mascara before and really wouldn't rate it - it just didn't add anything particularly special to my lashes - so I'm really putting my faith in the positive reviews with this one!
I'm so glad I have another Real Techniques brush to add to my collection as I find them such good quality and no other brushes have applied my make up so flawlessly!
And how gorgeous is the colour of this nail polish? It's such an on-trend shade for the Summer season so I cannot wait to try it!

Have you tried any of these products?


Sunday, 28 April 2013

I'm Engaged!!

all topshop

I don't normally talk about my personal life on my blog as my main reason for starting my blog was to share my love of fashion and beauty so I like to keep the focus mainly on that, however I have some very exciting news I just can't keep to myself! I've already given it away in the title really but on Friday evening my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Zak, popped the question! It was my birthday that day so we went for a meal at our favourite restaurant to celebrate - little did I know my birthday wasn't all we would be celebrating . . . He got down on 1 knee during dinner and of course I said yes! I didn't even want to eat afterwards I was so excited! I wasn't expecting it in the slightest and was (and still am) over the moon!
Not only that (yes there's more) but after the meal he drove me to a nearby venue (I was a bit confused as to why!) and when I walked in all my family and closest friends were there to greet me for my huge surprise party! I honestly could not believe it as I did not have a clue about the engagement or the party! It turns out that he started arranging it 8 months ago and everyone had known about the proposal since Christmas time! I still can't believe that nobody slipped up and revealed the secret but well done everyone because I didn't have a clue! I have been on cloud 9 ever since . . . 
Best. Night. Of. My. Life!!! And of course best birthday ever!
Also I have got a stunning engagement ring I can't wait to show off but I haven't even managed to take a picture of it yet as I've been in such a whirlwind. haaaa.
Zak took these photos of me before we went to the meal on Friday so this is the outfit I was wearing when I got engaged and the outfit I was wearing at my surprise party! I don't know how many people get engaged wearing dungarees! It's so funny looking at these pictures now and thinking that I didn't have a clue that within an hours time that my life would be changing forever!
Anyway this post has been filled with way too many exclamation marks but I think this is the one time it can be forgiven!!!!!


Friday, 26 April 2013

It's All White

It's All White
jacket: topshop
bag: zatchels
top: topshop
shorts: the ragged priest
hat: topshop
sunglasses: wildfox
lipstick: topshop
gladiator sandals: river island

Don't know what's wrong with me but I'm obsessed with everything white at the moment. Probably in the anticipation of Summer. White just screams 'Summer' doesn't it?!
It's my birthday tomorrow woooo (well today technically as I'm writing this after midnight - can't sleep, too excited) childish I know! As a bit of a pre-birthday celebration, me and my boyfriend went to 'Est Est Est' Italian restaurant at The Trafford Centre tonight for dinner. I'd never heard of it before but I would definitely recommend it, the food was yummy! I may have also done a spot of beauty shopping whilst I was there but more on that another time . . . 


Thursday, 18 April 2013

'86' T-shirt and White Boots

hat, shorts, t-shirt and boots: topshop (shorts - old)
net top (worn underneath): motel
necklace: ebay

Aahhh have you met the new love of my life? My new white boots! I love the chunky heel and they're actually higher than I thought they would be but they're so comfy it's like I'm wearing trainers. It's the best of both worlds, smiles all round :) :) :)


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

1) face mist: caudalie beauty elixir - This product has been so hyped I'm surprised I've managed to hold off buying it for this long as I normally just jump on the bandwagon straight away with these sort of things! I really want to know what all the fuss is about though! It's supposed to give a dewy radiant look to the skin as well as being ultra refreshing so who wouldn't want that . . .

2) mascara: clinique high impact extra volume mascara - I normally just use any old mascara but my friend got this one recently and says it gives a noticeable difference in length and curl etc so I really want it now!

3) cream blush: kevyn aucoin creamy glow - I much prefer cream blushers to powders and I really like the look of this shade, tansoleil.

4) foundation: kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer - I'm hearing so many good things about Kevyn Aucoin products at the moment and this product, even though I don't fully understand the purpose of it (it seems like it would be one of those trial and error things) sounds really unusual but I have a feeling it could be a handy little product to have around! It's described as a a multitasking product that can be use sparingly as a concealer or foundation (as it is designed to be very pigmented) or mixed with a moisturiser or primer to create a flawless, glowing base. They sell it at SPACE.NK which means I'm going to have to make a trip to my nearest store which is in Manchester in order to get myself matched to the right shade. It's so annoying having to do that but at least once I know my shade I can buy it online in the future without risking it being too dark.

5) eyeshadow: estee lauder pure color stay-on shadow paint - I'm just gonna come out and say it . . . I never wear eyeshadow! I used to wear it many years ago and I don't really know why I stopped but recently I've started to notice how nice it looks on other people so I would really like to buy a few just to ease myself back in! After doing a bit of research it seems that these have a good consistency and staying power so I really want to give them a go.

6) hair treatment cream: phyto 7 day cream - The ends of my hair are so dry at the moment and I have a few split ends so I really want something just to add some moisture back into my hair. I've been using moroccan oil for a couple of years now and although I do find it works for my hair I just want to try something different. I read this is like a 'moisturiser for the hair' and I was kinda sold on that really - it doesn't take much! I've never tried anything from Phyto before but I like trying new brands and I like the fact that you can just leave this in after washing your hair so it's minimum faff!

7) concealer: benefit boi-ing - I've not had a decent concealer for years ever since I lost my beloved Mac Studio Finish on a night out (aka the best concealer I've ever used). I've been using another Mac one which they don't even sell anymore but it's nowhere near as good. I've been meaning to replace it for so long but times just gone by and I've just made do really. I'm going to test this Benefit one next time I'm in town as I normally like their products so if I like it I'll give it a try, if not I'm just going to get the Mac one.

Have you tried any of these products?


Friday, 12 April 2013

Haul - Motel and Topshop

Motel and Topshop Haul

Here are the things I've been buying recently! I didn't actually realise until now but all my new clothes are black and white - It's a good job monochrome is like the biggest trend ever right now! At least I have this purple lipstick to brighten up my look, it's like a shade I've never worn before as I normally go for pink or coral but I can't wait to try it!


Monday, 8 April 2013

Passion For Fashion

MoneySupermarket.com are running an amazing competition at the moment where you could be in with the chance of winning £1000 to spend on your dream Spring/Summer wardrobe! The competition is called 'Passion for Fashion' and all you have to do to enter is create 3 outfits which fit in with the categories Casual, Party and Holiday - but each outfit must be under £200!
I only just found out about the competition today and it turns out the deadline is today so I've just made it! Must be fate!
S/S 13 Casual Outfit under £200

Casual Outfit: £150

I decided to embrace the S/S 13 monochrome trend for my 'Casual' outfit as it's so easy to throw something black and white on to create a bold look while still being really on trend. I gave it a bit of a sporty feel as it is daywear after all, so I would want to be really comfy! These sweat-style jogging shorts would be so good for summer and I absolutely love these Vegabond sandals from Asos - I'm completely sold on any shoes with a heel that still have the comfort factor! Also I'm so obsessed with all the cute rucksacks that are around at the moment, so 90's chic, aswell as being handy to carry your essentials around in throughout the day. To complete my look I added these sunglasses just because they remind me of the Chanel ones that all the celebs were wearing a few years ago and I thought they were so cool! I never did get round to saving up the hefty price tag for those . . . 

S/S 13 Party Outfit under £200

Party Outfit: £183.50

I don't know why but I have always wanted to try wearing an outfit where everything is the same colour but I've only ever been able to do it with black as it's so hard to find an entire outfit the exact same shade! I can't wait to introduce some ice-cream pastel shades into my wardrobe this Summer and how gorgeous would this outfit look at a Summer party . . . in a big marquee . . . having a barbecue  . . . ok getting carried away now! I have loved this twinset from Lashes of London for so long now but whenever I actually have money one of them is always out of stock in my size . . . typical! I would really love an entire outfit in a minty shade aswell but mint items are even harder to find than lilac! 

S/S 12 Holiday Outfit under £200
Holiday Outfit: £179
hatsunglassesswimsuitnail polishsandals

If I'm lucky enough to go on holiday this year this is what I imagine myself wearing as I lie by the pool sipping a Pina Colada! I'm much preferring swimming costumes to bikinis at the moment, they're stylish and more forgiving! I've teamed this one with metallic accessories as shiny things look so much better in the sun don't they? Also, gold, silver and bronze are perfect for showing of that holiday tan! I won't kid myself though - it's going to take more than a week away to stop me looking like Caspar! People say you shouldn't mix silver and gold but I think they really complement each other. Saying that though I think anything would go with these silver sandals, they are soooo pretty! I loved them as soon as I first saw them on the Topshop advertisement campaign!

So what do you think of my Spring/Summer looks? Which one is your favourite?


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Skeleton Dress and Spike Headband

dress: a.y. not dead at asos (old)
boots and headband: topshop (headband - old)
necklace: rock'n'rose
cuff: present

I've had this dress for about 4 years and I'm ashamed to say it cost me about £60 if I remember rightly, which is just insane for a t-shirt dress with a print that a 2 year old could have painted on but to be fair it's one of the very few items of clothing I'm still wearing 4 years on so I suppose that kind of justifies the price.
It used to be more of a baggy t-shirt style on me but now it's more body con, haha - too many pies. Although it has been washed loads so it could have shrunk . . . yep, I'll go with that.
It's by the brand 'A.Y. Not Dead' which I used to absolutely love when they sold it on Asos - I used to always check out their new stuff, it's such a shame they've stopped stocking it now. It's an Argentinian brand and you can check out the direct website HERE. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere that stocks it in the UK!
Ahh well, I'll just have to browse the lookbooks for style inspiration! I've put some of my favourite images from the lookbooks below, but be warned, its so annoying looking at all the cool clothes and not knowing where or how to buy them! It's like sitting in front of a massive jammy doughnut and being allergic to sugar.

cool stuff, eh?


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hey Mickey

top: urban outfitters (old)
skirt: motel
sunglasses and boots: topshop
belt: new look (old)
rings: asos

I wore this outfit today to go for a bite to eat with my boyfriend. This skirt is another item I ordered from Motel last week. Literally a couple of days after I received it it went into the sale and is now £10 cheaper - aaahh, hate it when that happens! I'm still glad I got it though as the material is really thick and I love the cute peace sign print. I always find that skater style skirts are really flattering too in order to balance out my body shape.
My beloved Topshop 'Ample' boots are looking a little worse for wear here. I have had so much use out of them though! They're perfect for day as the heel is quite chunky and not too high so I can walk around in them all day without any pain. I always wear them on nights out too as they are sooo comfy that I can't help but choose them over heels now. I'm on the lookout for a new pair of black boots similar to these - chunky with abit of a heel. I really like them to be real leather too as I find that they are the comfiest. I really love the Topshop Arabels and the Topshop Physics boots but I always put off parting with such a large chunk of cash at once! These ones from office are really cool too although I like a slightly higher heel to make me look abit taller so I'm not sure. It's probably seems silly thinking about boots now that we're heading into summer but I love having a pair of chunky black leather boots on hand especially with how unpredictable the weather has been recently!

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