Sunday, 10 March 2013

Topshop Wishlist

black and grey dressblack bootsgrey bootsyellow skirt
sunglassessocksbackpacklipstickdenim dress

I know this is turning into some kind of Topshop dedication blog but it can't be helped - they can't seem to put a foot wrong at the moment, I'm just loving everything from there!
 Here are the latest things I've added to my ever growing online basket!



  1. Those boots are GORGEOUS!! Love the denim dress too xx

  2. oof you'd look lovely in these! xx

  3. I love Topshop too,theres nothing in there I dont like,love everything and want it all,the do some gorgeous cool shoes and love the accessories especially.
    I love your collection you've put together,every piece on trend,neon,denim I love it,and Ive seen that denim dress in my local topshop and have been very tempted to buy :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too,and for looking through my posts :) it means alot you enjoyed it.
    Fab blog and happy blogging x

  4. Love that - Topshop dedication blog! I love the sunglasses and the skirt! Great post xx

  5. I'm absolutely obsessed with the denim dress, I bought it the other week and just want to wear it all the time!!! I love the neon skirt and boots, definitely on next months wishlist, thank god my birthday is coming up!!!

  6. in love with everything on here! the sunglasses are lushhh x

  7. I love all of these! The yellow skirt is amazing - I'd never be able to pull it off though!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  8. Great list! Love the neon skirt and purple lipstick, especially :)


  9. I've nominated you for a liebster award

  10. Great wish list loving the sunglasses!

  11. Thats a lovely neon skirt!!
    P.S i'm your newest follower :)xx


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