Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Studs and Crosses

skirt: asos
jumper, crown, ring and bracelet: topshop (old)
cross necklace: regal rose
peace sign necklace: ebay

I got this jumper in the sale just after Christmas for 20 quid. Normally I would consider that a bargain as I was actually going to pay full price for it, but the quality of this is just shocking - The first time I wore it a number of the studs/beads had unthreaded and fallen off! I have worn it a few times since and they continue to come off, so annoying! I would take it back had I not thrown away my receipt, such a shame as I really like the style of it and it goes with loads of stuff.

You may have noticed I have finally done my roots so I am ultra blonde again, woohoo, although my entire head looked white so I had to slick the red lippie on so it looked like I actually have a face!



  1. I love your skirt and jewellery, lovely outfit!xo

  2. I love your hair and please give me your wardrobe lol, that jumper was a steal, it's so pretty

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  3. cool crown!

  4. Gorgeous skirt! I'm loving your headband too x

  5. Love this outfit, the skirt especially! The colour palette and floral print are so pretty! And the crown is such an unexpected and stunning touch. So cool! :)


  6. This is so strong. I love it.

  7. LOVE your skirt!

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  8. You're like a gothic princess! Absolutely adore this crown.


  9. This outfit is super cute. You have a really great sense of style. I've been peeking through your outfit posts and honestly haven't seen a single outfit I didn't like :)

    xx, Jackie


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