Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Liquorice Allsorts

necklace, sandals and pinafore dress: topshop (necklace - old)
t-shirt and hat: my boyfriends
hairband: beau (ask for the liquorice allsorts fabric)
bag: accessorize (old)
bracelet: present (similar here)
ring: dixi

I'm welcoming in the Spring/Summer season by injecting some colour into my wardrobe! A couple of years back I used to wear so much colour - I actually went through a faze where I would wear every colour at once (seriously) I was like a walking, talking rainbow! 
However, for a long while now I have found myself going for darker colours - black, grey and burgundy - I think due to the fact the grunge trend was around for so long! It's not like I religiously follow trends but I think like anybody interested in fashion you can't help but be influenced by what's on the catwalks, in the shops etc so subconsciously you end up wearing 'what's in fashion'.  
Now I'm not saying I'm going to start dressing like Timmy Mallett but I think wearing the odd pastel shade is a breath of fresh air with the Summer months quickly approaching, and with the neon trend being huge for 2013 there is just no avoiding it, so I may aswell embrace it!

Also, in case you hadn't realised yet, I love pinafore dresses at the moment! I  like how they're a slightly quirkier option to a dress - even though they make me feel abit like I'm back at school! I already bought this denim one in January, and now I've got this one, so if I carry on like this I may be able to do a 'pinafore dress of the month' post!
 I kind of annoy myself when I fall in love with a particular item of clothing/trend though, as I can't just buy 1, I have to buy loads! Do you remember quite a number of years ago when Kate Moss wore a waistcoat with her skinny jeans? Well I loved it so much that I developed an obsession with waistcoats! (seems so random now) I didn't just buy one . . . oh no, I went and bought 12! yes you heard that right, 12! Different ones mind but 12 all the same . . . I had a black one, white one, grey one, one with stripes, a cropped one, a studded one, a military style one . . . the list goes on - I went overboard. Does anybody else do this?



  1. such a pretty outfit. it reminds me of festivals in summer. just beatiful.

  2. Oh I love the outfit, the dress is awesome ,


  3. such a cute dress! love the flatforms too xx


  4. loving the colors! :) xx



  5. Love the Allsorts headband. So cute! Those platforms are great too :)



  6. I can not wait for spring,especially for gorgeous fashions like this! I love love love your styling,its so quirky and unique,I love wearing cute socks with sandals and shoes too.Your look is so 90's cool and on trend I love it.
    Following your fab blog for more style inspiration.

  7. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  8. You look sooo cute , beautiful outfit xx

  9. I love that you bought 12 waistcoats haha! I do the same thing but not quite as extreme ;) This is such a cute, fun outfit!


  10. love this look! that dress is awesome
    following your blog now!

  11. That pinafore dress is amazing, you look gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


  12. What a cute look! xxxx check out my giveaway :) http://georginagoodman.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/flashon-nails-giveaway.html

  13. omg love this outfit! the little pinafore dress is dead cute! x

  14. Obsessed with your necklace and dress!!!

    <3 Melissa

  15. Love the dress! And I am exactly the same - when I fall for something I pick up tonnes and can't seem to stop myself :L

  16. love your pinafore, soso cute! and your flatforms and amazing!

    following you.



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