Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist
sunglasses: topshop
lipstick: mac
backpack: topshop
sandals: dr.martens
rings: asos
leggings: topshop

So far I have purchased the rings . . . So I'm well on my way (sortof) to owning my dream Spring outfit :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Label Love - Motel

denim dresswhite printed skirtblack printed t-shirt,
grey tunic dressstriped crop topfishnet top
all motel

I must admit that although I do prefer to shop online most of the time I don't normally look at the shops that are purely based online and don't have their own stores on the high street only because I'm not sure what the quality will be like as I think it's really hard to tell on photos - an outfit can look great on the website but I think the look of the fabric can make or break a piece of clothing. For this reason I had never thought of buying anything from Motel - I know they sell the brand in larger Topshop stores but my local one doesn't stock it so I've never had chance to see what the clothes look like in 'real-life' if you know what I mean?
Well I think I'm going to have to take a risk and place a cheeky order as there are so many cool pieces on there at the moment! I just think everything on the website is bang on trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer season and I especially love their black smoke print trend, and their denim pieces are really cool too - it's that acid wash grungy type denim . . . All at a reasonable price - can't complain!
Here I have chosen some of my favourite pieces (although everything on the website is worth a look) 
My top pick would be the denim dress with the black sheer sleeves which was going to be my first purchase on payday but it has since sold out online :( Please Motel stick some more on the website soon, I have my purse at the ready!

Have you ever bought anything from Motel?


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Comic Relief Tee and Creepers

t-shirt: stella mccartney for tkmaxx - comic relief (old)
shorts, belt (worn as bracelet) and shirt: topshop (old)
creepers: underground
ring and necklace: rock'n'rose
headband: next (old)

I'd say this outfit is my go-to 'uniform' when I'm stuck for something to wear - denim shorts, my creepers and a baggy tee with something random printed on the front! It's just the comfiest outfit ever!
I've not even had my creepers for a year yet but they've easily become my most worn pair of shoes. They're so comfy it's like wearing trainers and they look cool too, winner! I couldn't resist going for the ones with the double soles, I love being 2 inches taller without having to wear heels! I really want another pair now in a different colour, I'm thinking animal print or metallic . . . 
I know I'm a week late with the Comic Relief t-shirt, darn it, but I have not had a day off work since last Thursday so better late than never I say! I've had this t-shirt for years but Stella McCartney did an almost identical one this year, again for T.K.Maxx - I kept meaning to pick one up as this one has been washed about a hundred times but I didn't get chance to go into town unfortunately. I think it's definitely worth picking up these limited edition type t-shirts, this was only a tenner and I was giving money to charity too - no need to feel guilty about that purchase!

(Also, I only realised when I was looking through my pictures that my headband makes me look like a teletubby)


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bap Bap Americano

headband: river island (old)
jacket, necklace, sunglasses and skirt: topshop (jacket and necklace - old)
t-shirt: topman
shoes: dr martens

It's rare that I go for the 'sporty' look (not that you would be able to play baseball in a miniskirt without flashing the world) but here is my attempt at it! I tried!

Anyway, word on the street is google friend connect will be no more in a few months so I would be very grateful if you could Follow my blog with Bloglovin if you would like to keep up to date with my blog!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Studs and Crosses

skirt: asos
jumper, crown, ring and bracelet: topshop (old)
cross necklace: regal rose
peace sign necklace: ebay

I got this jumper in the sale just after Christmas for 20 quid. Normally I would consider that a bargain as I was actually going to pay full price for it, but the quality of this is just shocking - The first time I wore it a number of the studs/beads had unthreaded and fallen off! I have worn it a few times since and they continue to come off, so annoying! I would take it back had I not thrown away my receipt, such a shame as I really like the style of it and it goes with loads of stuff.

You may have noticed I have finally done my roots so I am ultra blonde again, woohoo, although my entire head looked white so I had to slick the red lippie on so it looked like I actually have a face!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Topshop Wishlist

black and grey dressblack bootsgrey bootsyellow skirt
sunglassessocksbackpacklipstickdenim dress

I know this is turning into some kind of Topshop dedication blog but it can't be helped - they can't seem to put a foot wrong at the moment, I'm just loving everything from there!
 Here are the latest things I've added to my ever growing online basket!


Friday, 8 March 2013

Double Denim

skirt, shirt, sunglasses, hat and sandals: topshop (shirt - old)
necklace: regal rose

I'll try not to wear these shoes for every single one of my future posts . . . but I can't promise anything because I absolutely love them! They're like a summer version of my creepers!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Liquorice Allsorts

necklace, sandals and pinafore dress: topshop (necklace - old)
t-shirt and hat: my boyfriends
hairband: beau (ask for the liquorice allsorts fabric)
bag: accessorize (old)
bracelet: present (similar here)
ring: dixi

I'm welcoming in the Spring/Summer season by injecting some colour into my wardrobe! A couple of years back I used to wear so much colour - I actually went through a faze where I would wear every colour at once (seriously) I was like a walking, talking rainbow! 
However, for a long while now I have found myself going for darker colours - black, grey and burgundy - I think due to the fact the grunge trend was around for so long! It's not like I religiously follow trends but I think like anybody interested in fashion you can't help but be influenced by what's on the catwalks, in the shops etc so subconsciously you end up wearing 'what's in fashion'.  
Now I'm not saying I'm going to start dressing like Timmy Mallett but I think wearing the odd pastel shade is a breath of fresh air with the Summer months quickly approaching, and with the neon trend being huge for 2013 there is just no avoiding it, so I may aswell embrace it!

Also, in case you hadn't realised yet, I love pinafore dresses at the moment! I  like how they're a slightly quirkier option to a dress - even though they make me feel abit like I'm back at school! I already bought this denim one in January, and now I've got this one, so if I carry on like this I may be able to do a 'pinafore dress of the month' post!
 I kind of annoy myself when I fall in love with a particular item of clothing/trend though, as I can't just buy 1, I have to buy loads! Do you remember quite a number of years ago when Kate Moss wore a waistcoat with her skinny jeans? Well I loved it so much that I developed an obsession with waistcoats! (seems so random now) I didn't just buy one . . . oh no, I went and bought 12! yes you heard that right, 12! Different ones mind but 12 all the same . . . I had a black one, white one, grey one, one with stripes, a cropped one, a studded one, a military style one . . . the list goes on - I went overboard. Does anybody else do this?


Sunday, 3 March 2013

What I Bought in February

What I Bought in February
Here are the things I've been buying recently!

1) necklace: regal rose - I featured this in a wishlist a while ago and I'm so glad I finally got it! It looks amazing in real life and it's massive! - A real statement piece :) It's already becoming one of those 'wear with everything' necklaces!

2) Skirt: topshop - It's ridiculous how long I have wanted this skirt for - it has been in my topshop online basket since christmas! I love skirts with elastic waistbands as I find them so comfy and I already have this style in black jersey so it was only natural I would buy the denim version at some point!

3) blusher: benefit fine-one-one - I mentioned this in my Make-up Wants post not so long ago and only lasted a couple of days before I caved in and ordered it! I am still waiting eagerly for it's arrival so hopefully it will live up to my expectations as my dream blush!

4) cleanser and toner: origins mega mushroom face cleanser and origins mega mushroom skin relief soothing toner - I am a huge fan of origins, I would even go as far as to say it is my favourite skincare brand! Saying that though, I haven't heard much about the Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom range but every now and again I just buy the odd product on a whim on the off chance I will discover a miracle product! These are designed for sensitive skin - I wouldn't say my skin is particularly sensitive but I figured at least this meant there would be less chance of the products irritating my skin so thought I would give them a whirl! I've only been using them for a week but so far so good! I will report back in a few weeks if I deem them 'miracle products'

5) sunglasses: topshop - I had a pair exactly like this years and years and years  ago and I lost them at the brownies summer camp (it was stressful) - I have been meaning to replace them ever since and now I finally have, woohoo, they make me think of John Lennon.

6) pinafore dress: topshop - I'm absolutely loving these pini-dresses at the moment! So cute!

7) sandals: topshop - I am aware that the majority of what I bought last month is from Topshop but it is my favourite shop in the world, ever, and it has been for years! I can always find something I like in there and I buy at least something from Topshop every month! You can tell by everything I've bought recently I'm preparing for the Spring/Summer season! I've been after some black flatform sandals for a while and was deciding between these or the Hanna flatforms but I liked that the ones I got had a bit more of a platform!


Friday, 1 March 2013

Leather Tassels and Shiny Shoes

hat: new look (old - similar here)
jacket, skull ring, t-shirt and skirt: topshop (jacket and ring - old)
shoes: dr martens
 necklace: regal rose
heart ring: dixi
bracelet: asos

How shiny are my shoes?! I got them in the office sale at Christmas, 40 quid down from 90, boosh! They're sold out at office now but you can still get them online cheap as chips (nearly)
Also I'm obsessing over all the jewelry on dixi at the moment! I've only got my hands on this coolio silver ring so far (how cute is the blue stone heart?!) but I would literally wear all the jewelry on that site, altogether! I keep meaning to get more jewelry but it's so expensive considering it's all so small!

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