Saturday, 2 February 2013

What I Bought in January


This is everything I bought in January! Hope you like!

1) pinafore dress: miss selfridge - How cute is this?! I've wanted one of these dungaree type dresses for a while, they seem to be everywhere at the moment! I've got a shorts version but a I wanted a dress as a girlier alternative. I was going to get this one from Topshop but I spotted this on the miss selfridge website (must have been fate as I havn't been on the website or been in the shop for years but just randomly went on!) and I fell in love with the leather-look straps!

2) bowler hat: asos - I really like hats and I've been wearing beanie hats for the past few months as its been so cold! I have a trilby which I love but its like a beige colour so doesn't go with everything so I got this black hat because black goes with everything right?

3) brush: tangle teezer - I have quite long hair and it is the knottiest ever! When I get out of bed I would compare it to that of a birds nest! Until recently I wasn't too bothered ( yes I would just walk round with it like I was Russel Brands twin or something) but then I realised that when I did attempt to comb it (with my 50p tooth comb) i would just rip all my hair out! So for fear of becoming bald I invested in one of these as this is the only brush I'd really heard loads about that's good for getting knots out - is there any other brands that have this type of thing? Anyway, it works.

4) leave-in conditioner: it's a 10 miracle leave-in product - I also got this in an attempt to save the hair! I ordered it online a few days ago and I've not received it yet so can't say whether it works or not but as long as it detangles my hair after I wash it I'll be happy as it's the worst when it's wet! I really wanted the unite 7 seconds leave in detangler but I could only find 1 website that delivered it to the UK without extortionate delivery charges and it was out of stock, typical! So if anyone knows where I can get it please let me know! After doing some research I found a post on fleurs blog about the it's a 10 miracle leave in product being a decent alternative. Sorted!

5) cleanser: bioderma crealine H2O micelle solution - I know there has been so much hype about this but I totally wasn't bothered about getting it as I didn't see what could be so good about about a bottle of water that would take my make-up off. I was an idiot to think this. It is brilliant! I used some of my friends after a night out and couldn't believe how quickly and easily this actually removed my make-up! With any other cleanser it is such a chore but a few swipes of this and your done! Also, cleansers normally kill my eyes but you can't even feel this, it's just so gentle but so effective.

6) primer: estee lauder illuminating perfecting primer - I recently ran out of my benefit porefessional so I decided on this as my replacement primer. I've not actually heard anything about this yet and I bought it on a bit of a whim I suppose but I was sold on the fact it was illuminating as I really wanted one with a dewy, glowy finish as although the porefessional does the job it was too matte for my liking.

7) top: asos - I know this is really basic but I've wanted a stripey top for ages as they're easy just to throw on with anything. I must be really small as this is actually a dress on me! I cant wait to wear it under my denim pinafore, woo! Hopefully I will be mistaken for Alexa Chung (not gonna happen)

8) skirt: asos - Not one to do things by halves I went ahead and bought this skirt aswel! I just really liked this outfit, I think the stripes go really well with the ditzy florals on the skirt for a casual yet girly look! The skirt was only £16 which I think is a bargain as it's really nice material and sooo comfy! I love elastic waistbands, so practical :)



  1. #7 & 8 are so cute.

  2. love it all- the pinafore dress is amazing!


  3. I saw a bowler hat similar to this in a charity shop yesterday, now I wish I bought it, it was only £1.99.. I'm pretty sure it's gone now
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. The bowler hat is darling! I've been wanting one for ages. And the skirt and top outfit is so cute. I always find it tempting to buy the whole outfit as well when I see how sites have styled things xx

  5. love the pinafore dress and bowler hat...

    p.s I have a Henry Holland dress giveaway on my blog, check it out if you're interested

  6. i really need to invest in the tangle teaser too! great buys!

  7. Love the striped Asos top and skirt
    Daniella x

  8. I'm currently using a Primark £1.50 hair brush in my conquest to convince myself that I do not need a tangle teezer...I'm failing miserably and may have to give in haha :p

    Lovely blog btw, your fashion sense is so quirky and fab!


  9. I love my tangle teezer, it's definitely a life saver. Also when you have hair that isn't too tangled, a boar bristle brush is really good as its so gentle on the hair and doesn't rip or tear hair.
    I have the it's a 10 miracle product. It is really good but for some reason I've not been using it recently I just kinda phased into using other products! But you've reminded me so I'll dig it out!
    Great blog! I love how you link to the clothes etc.... I can see I'm going to be spending so much money now I follow you! x


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