Friday, 8 February 2013

Label Love - Three Floor

Three Floor Fashion

I first discovered 'Three Floor Fashion' last year when I saw this dress in a magazine. I never did get it, and looking at it now I'm not as in love with it as I once was - I think my style has since become less girly and I tend to go for darker colours. Probably a good job really as the new arrivals at Three Floor are a far cry from the sugary pastels I remembered them for a year back! 
Their Spring collection is an eclectic mix of rich jewel tones, luxe looking fabrics and statement embellishments. I think the shapes of the dresses in-particular are so striking from the cut-outs to the peplum style skirts. They're not just your average party dresses, they have a real edge to them! I absolutely adore everything from this new collection and it has become my mission to save up for one item - although choosing which one will be a challenge! With prices ranging from about £70 to £170 it is fairly expensive but I honestly think the prices are justified considering the pieces look like they're designer! 
The ones I've pictured are a few of my favourites but it's really worth checking out the rest of the collection on the website here. Also, Three Floor is stocked on asos so that may be worth a visit if you have student discount.



  1. So very unusual outfits very quirky tho.

    Pipp xx



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