Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Make-up Wants


Some make-up products I need (want) in my life right now . . . 

1) cream blush: benefit fine-one-one - A blusher and highlighter . . . in one?! Gotta love a good multitasker!

2) nail strengthener: opi matte nail envy - It was one of my new years resolutions to finally stop biting my nails (actually it has been my resolution for the past 10 years) and I have shocked even myself by actually sticking to it! I'm determined to get them in tip top condition now and I've read many reviews about this being a miracle product for fixing weak nails. Just what the doctor ordered!

3) primer: clarins instant smooth self tanning - I'm a big fan of primers to create a smooth base for my foundation and I have heard many great things about the original clarins instant smooth perfecting touch and this one has added tanning benefits, bonus! I don't wear fake tan as I'm quite fair skinned so the upkeep is too much effort and I wouldn't want to go overboard and look ridiculous, but I'm up for anything to give an added glow to my skin so may give this a try.

4) face powder: by terry hyaluronic hydra powder - I never normally wear powder on my face. Ever. But Kate from ghostparties constant praise for this product has really made me consider the possibility of using powder pretty soon. Who doesn't want a flawless base?

5) lipstick: rimmel kate moss matte lipstick in 113 - I already have one of these lipsticks in a deep berry shade (107) and I just absolutely love the texture of it and the matte finish. This is the perfect natural nude shade which would be great for everyday wear.

6) illuminating powder: poudre signee de chanel - I've always used liquid or cream highlighters and although I love them I really want to try a powder highlighter to see how it compares. I spotted this chanel one whilst browsing through the spring 2013 collection online and yes I have been swayed by the packaging and the fact it's chanel . . . I'm a shallow product geek, so what?

Do you rate any of these products?


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Checks and Studs

dress: christopher kane for topshop (old)
shirt: topshop (old - similar here)
bowler hat: topshop
denim gilet: customised zara (old - similar here)
necklace: ebay
bag: river island (old)
creepers: underground

Anyone remember the Christopher Kane for Topshop crocodile dress from yonks ago? Well I dug mine out today, don't know how it still fits but woo! Had to throw a shirt over it mind seen as it was abit windy today so I was hardly going to go sleeveless was I?!
I remember the first time I ever wore this, I went to someones birthday meal and another girl was wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS! Normally that kind of situation can be covered up if you've styled it differently! Or wearing the same plain black dress for example may not be very noticeable . . . but 2 people wearing such a statement dress as this, with a HUGE crocodile head on the front, just wasn't going to go unnoticed! Quite cringe


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shift Dress

boots and bowler hat: topshop
dress: dahlia (sold out - similar here)
necklace: ebay (this seller)
bracelet: asos
ring: rock'n'rose 

Yay, I finally have an outfit post wearing my new bowler hat! You may remember it from my 'what I bought in January' post a couple of weeks ago and I've been wearing it a fair bit since then - although not in high winds which I wouldn't advise - it only blows off and then I have to chase it and then I look like an idiot! I could just play it cool and pretend I don't notice with a 'I'll just get another one' attitude . . . but I love it too much! And yes I have considered double sided sellotape and sticking it to my head but haven't yet decided if that would be silly or practical. I ended up buying the Topshop one in the end rather than the Asos one as can you believe the Asos one was sent to me all squashed in a ruined cardboard box? . . . and there was no resurrecting it sadly! You really have to be careful when buying hats online!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Face Masks

My blog so far has mainly focused on fashion but the truth is I'm just as obsessed with make-up and skincare products as I am with clothes so I thought I would introduce a bit more of this type of thing into my blog!
I love using face masks once or twice a week just to refresh my skin and give it a really deep cleanse and here are the 3 that I've been using for the last few months! I'm sure you will have heard of all of them as they have been reviewed to death across the blogosphere (my boyfriend told me never to use that term again but hey) but I'm sure one more review won't do any harm . . .

1) origins drink up intensive overnight mask - This is quite different to your average face mask as you leave it on your skin overnight to let it soak in rather than wiping it off after 10 minutes or so. This is designed for dehydrated skin and although my skin isn't particularly dry or dehydrated (my skin is normal but I do get breakouts and the odd dry patch when it's cold) I find that when I wake up after using this my skin looks so plump and smooth! I use this once a week after exfoliating which I find helps it to sink in really quickly and it doesn't leave any of that annoying greasy residue. You could use this more than once a week if you felt your skin was lacking moisture but I feel once a week is enough for me for an intense moisture boost. I don't use any serum or anything with this, literally I just cleanse and then layer this on. This may be too rich for some skins so bear in mind it is like a fairly thick moisturiser but I've not experienced any negative side effects such as spots or oiliness - thumbs up!

2) ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask - I expected this to be amazing after all the positive reviews about it on other blogs and I think I'm in the minority here by saying I'm not a fan! It's not that there's anything really bad about this mask but for me it has just done absolutely nothing! I bought this mainly as it claims to brighten and add radiance to skin and I was hoping it would give my skin more of a glow, even out my skin tone and fade some red marks on my face, but after using this mask once a week for months now, I can say it has not made the slightest bit of difference to my skin. I will use the rest of it so that it doesn't go to waste and I may aswell on the off chance that I have a miraculous change of heart but if that doesn't happen I won't be repurchasing.

3) origins out of trouble mask - Back to a positive review now as this is my favourite mask of all! This mask is just an absolute lifesaver for spots so would be ideal for problem skin. If I have a breakout this is what I use to calm down my skin and reduce any redness. As it is a clay mask it is amazing at working deep down to really get rid of impurities, dry out spots and soak up oiliness. My skin isn't particularly oily but it does make your skin really matte - although not drying - so would be a great choice for someone with an oily skin type. I mainly use this to clear my skin up if I'm having a bad skin day otherwise I'll just use it once a week as kind of a deep cleansing ritual!

These are the only masks I'm using at the moment and I'm going to use these up before I purchase anything else otherwise I'll just go face mask crazy but I've heard good things about the origins clear improvement mask (its origins, it bound to be good) the nude miracle mask and the elemis papaya enzyme peel so may try these ones in the future! If anyone has any of these please let me know if they have worked for you and if they are worth the money!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oxblood in the Snow

hat: topshop (sold out online but this one's cool!)
jacket: topshop (old but you can get it from this ebay seller)
shorts: old (similar here)
tshirt: truffle shuffle - mens
creepers: underground
cross necklace and ring: rock'n'rose
peace sign necklace: ebay
bracelet: asos

Yeah, so I am wearing hotpants in the snow . . . but I never have been one for practical dressing ;) 
Anyway I am fed up of the snow controlling my wardrobe choices. Jog on snow!!
Although I do love wearing my creepers in the snow because they are double soles so I feel kind of immune to it when stomping along . . . Zandra - 1, snow - 0


Sunday, 10 February 2013



1) gorilla dress: fairground at frank and doll - I've really liked this dress for a while, I dont know what it is about it, I just think it would be really easy just to pop on for going out in as it's quite basic but the gorilla print is a bit quirky! I've just found it in the sale at asos aswell for £38 down from £95, bargain! Although unfortunately I have no pennies until I get paid, wah!

2) t-shirt: doll boutique - I love 'Mean Girls' (who doesn't) so I was bound to love The Mean Girl Collection at doll boutique, not sure about this tee in black or white though . . . hmmm

3) sweater and shorts: wildfox - At £200 for this shorts and sweater combo yes it's ridiculously expensive and no I'm never going to be able to afford it but . . . it's so cute and I love it! And my new years resolution was to get something from wildfox . . . (although according to my friend that is not what a resolution is for)

4) dress: sister jane at asos - I think this looks kind of 60's which I'm really loving at the moment!


Friday, 8 February 2013

Label Love - Three Floor

Three Floor Fashion

I first discovered 'Three Floor Fashion' last year when I saw this dress in a magazine. I never did get it, and looking at it now I'm not as in love with it as I once was - I think my style has since become less girly and I tend to go for darker colours. Probably a good job really as the new arrivals at Three Floor are a far cry from the sugary pastels I remembered them for a year back! 
Their Spring collection is an eclectic mix of rich jewel tones, luxe looking fabrics and statement embellishments. I think the shapes of the dresses in-particular are so striking from the cut-outs to the peplum style skirts. They're not just your average party dresses, they have a real edge to them! I absolutely adore everything from this new collection and it has become my mission to save up for one item - although choosing which one will be a challenge! With prices ranging from about £70 to £170 it is fairly expensive but I honestly think the prices are justified considering the pieces look like they're designer! 
The ones I've pictured are a few of my favourites but it's really worth checking out the rest of the collection on the website here. Also, Three Floor is stocked on asos so that may be worth a visit if you have student discount.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Denim and Stripes

denim pinafore dress: miss selfridge
top: asos
hat: new look (old - similar here)
bag: vintage (similar here)
red ring: rock'n'rose
stag ring: galibardy (sold out - similar here)
socks: topshop
shoes: next (old)

Yay, I finally get to wear my new favourite dress after spending over a week in my work uniform :)
I've seen so many of these pinafore styles around at the moment but I'm so glad I spotted this one! It's the perfect mid-wash denim shade as I'm not a fan of dark denim but I think pale denim is more what I'd wear when the sun is shining! It's such a great length too - not too long so that my legs look really short but not so short that it's like 'woah slut' - just a nice mid-thigh length!
Though I do feel a bit like a farmers daughter in this outfit - think its the hat and all the green in the background!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

What I Bought in January


This is everything I bought in January! Hope you like!

1) pinafore dress: miss selfridge - How cute is this?! I've wanted one of these dungaree type dresses for a while, they seem to be everywhere at the moment! I've got a shorts version but a I wanted a dress as a girlier alternative. I was going to get this one from Topshop but I spotted this on the miss selfridge website (must have been fate as I havn't been on the website or been in the shop for years but just randomly went on!) and I fell in love with the leather-look straps!

2) bowler hat: asos - I really like hats and I've been wearing beanie hats for the past few months as its been so cold! I have a trilby which I love but its like a beige colour so doesn't go with everything so I got this black hat because black goes with everything right?

3) brush: tangle teezer - I have quite long hair and it is the knottiest ever! When I get out of bed I would compare it to that of a birds nest! Until recently I wasn't too bothered ( yes I would just walk round with it like I was Russel Brands twin or something) but then I realised that when I did attempt to comb it (with my 50p tooth comb) i would just rip all my hair out! So for fear of becoming bald I invested in one of these as this is the only brush I'd really heard loads about that's good for getting knots out - is there any other brands that have this type of thing? Anyway, it works.

4) leave-in conditioner: it's a 10 miracle leave-in product - I also got this in an attempt to save the hair! I ordered it online a few days ago and I've not received it yet so can't say whether it works or not but as long as it detangles my hair after I wash it I'll be happy as it's the worst when it's wet! I really wanted the unite 7 seconds leave in detangler but I could only find 1 website that delivered it to the UK without extortionate delivery charges and it was out of stock, typical! So if anyone knows where I can get it please let me know! After doing some research I found a post on fleurs blog about the it's a 10 miracle leave in product being a decent alternative. Sorted!

5) cleanser: bioderma crealine H2O micelle solution - I know there has been so much hype about this but I totally wasn't bothered about getting it as I didn't see what could be so good about about a bottle of water that would take my make-up off. I was an idiot to think this. It is brilliant! I used some of my friends after a night out and couldn't believe how quickly and easily this actually removed my make-up! With any other cleanser it is such a chore but a few swipes of this and your done! Also, cleansers normally kill my eyes but you can't even feel this, it's just so gentle but so effective.

6) primer: estee lauder illuminating perfecting primer - I recently ran out of my benefit porefessional so I decided on this as my replacement primer. I've not actually heard anything about this yet and I bought it on a bit of a whim I suppose but I was sold on the fact it was illuminating as I really wanted one with a dewy, glowy finish as although the porefessional does the job it was too matte for my liking.

7) top: asos - I know this is really basic but I've wanted a stripey top for ages as they're easy just to throw on with anything. I must be really small as this is actually a dress on me! I cant wait to wear it under my denim pinafore, woo! Hopefully I will be mistaken for Alexa Chung (not gonna happen)

8) skirt: asos - Not one to do things by halves I went ahead and bought this skirt aswel! I just really liked this outfit, I think the stripes go really well with the ditzy florals on the skirt for a casual yet girly look! The skirt was only £16 which I think is a bargain as it's really nice material and sooo comfy! I love elastic waistbands, so practical :)

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